What defines a great vacation rental comforter? Rental owners must look for multiple factors to ensure a comfortable and ideal stay for people. 

It is given that the outlook of the comforter should great and matches the décor, but the comforters must also be soft, high-quality, and comfortable. For instance, it should not be too thick or thin to make the guests feel uncomfortable. 

Comforter sets are a great option for a vacation rental. High-quality comforter sets offer softness, comfort, and many other benefits, providing a good night’s sleep. Additionally, good vacation rental comforter must also be hypoallergenic which refers to no wool, feathers or any other irritating materials suitable for all people

Another thing to consider as the host of vacation rental is how easy the bedding is to launder. The rental owners need to clean and wash all the bedding accessories after each stay, that’s why choosing a bedding that is easily washable is a wise choice. Comforters can be easily cleaned. They are relatively thin and lightweight, and easy to clean. 

If your guests wish to have their bedding dry-cleaned, heavy bedding will cost you a fortune. Hence, comforters are a great option in this case as well. 

Here are five best comforter sets for a vacation rental: 

  1. The Highland Collection Brown 5-Piece Comforter Set

If you have a wooden shaded room designed with an interior of the same shades, then the Highland Collection Brown 5 Pieces Comforter Set is your go-to set. It is manufactured with natural brown colors that reflect calmness and elegance, perfect for a vacation rental. The cover is made up of cotton and polyester. The best thing about this comforter set is that it is an easy wash set. When you cover your bed with this sheet, you will see how the fall of the sheets from the sides equals 16 by 18. The shams in the set also have a zipper to make it easier for you to get it dry cleaned.

  1. The Barbwire Chocolate 7-Piece Comforter Set

If you’re searching for a comforter for vacation rental, you should opt for an idea of a comforter set like the Barbwire Chocolate 7-Piece Comforter Set. This product provides you with a comforter, along with a neck roll pillow plus two accent pillows and much more. It has all shades of brown, and is easily washable and lightweight. The neatness of the fabric and the design will always make you embrace the quality. 

  1. Delphine 5 Piece Comforter Set

The Delphine 5 Piece Comforter Set is welcoming and soft, perfect for vacation rental. It has a phenomenal floral pattern that will give your guests a soothing sleep. You can also change the aesthetics of the room, flip the comforter over to the other side for a denim feel. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern feel,  the theme based on navy with white and olive tones is timeless. The 5-piece set comprises a reversible comforter made of 100 percent cotton sateen with a 200-thread count, 2 reversible shams, and two embroidered and printed ornamental pillow

  1. Bebejan Vivvie 100% Cotton Sateen Designer Print 5-Piece Reversible Comforter Set

The Bebejan Vivvie 100% Cotton Sateen Reversible Comforter Set has a tribal-inspired design on the comforter front pops. The reverse side of the comforter has a similar pattern in blue and white. 

Pillow shams are included. Shams overlap closure is the type of closure. It is machine washable and the fabric composition is 100 percent cotton sateen. Polyester is used as the filling. Colors include black, crimson, navy, and white.

Things to Consider in a Vacation Rental Comforter

It is important that you check the wash instructions of the comforter before you buy any comforter for vacation rental. This is because, wrong cleaning method can ruin the durability or outlook of the comforter. And, for the vacation rental comforter, they must be good looking and long-lasting while being easy to wash.

If the label states spot cleaning, then consider some other option because you must do deep cleaning of the entire comforter. Next, some of the comforters are machine washable while some can be dry cleaned only. 

If you purchase the one which is machine friendly, make sure that it can be cleaned in front-loading washing machine and remember to add extra rinse to ensure proper cleaning. 

The next thing in our list to consider when identifying if comforter is good enough for your vacation rental then, it should have ability to fold on shelf in a closet. This will also help in providing the airflow as it will be breathable and also safe space and not create an unhealthy environment with ward off mold, unpleasant smell, mildew and musty smells. 

Additionally, the folding space would determine the space efficiency of the whole space. Because it is important to keep the bedding outside the attics, sheds, garages and in shelfs only. To avoid them getting attacked by moisture, bugs and mice, because these places often offer home to such things. 

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