Instagram is the most active social network relative to engagement so it’s critical that you keep your Instagram followers engaged.

Instagram is becoming a more attractive platform for advertisers as it has seen an increase in ad spend by users.

Currently at 40%. Facebook meanwhile saw less than 10% growth over the last year despite their increased focus on video advertising.

With such explosive growth, Instagram continues to deliver widespread influence.

This is especially true when it comes to boosting a Brands recognition.

It has been shown that people are more likely to follow the example or lead of someone else.

This means if your profile is being received negatively, then it will have a greater impact on followers’ decisions and they may abandon their page too soon before seeing all there was for them in what you offer online!

Most companies are not aware that buying and selling Instagram followers is against the law. 

The punishment can be as severe as a fine or imprisonment, so operating without restriction could get you in trouble!

If you have a relatively low number of followers, the sudden increase in followers by huge amounts can leave your audiences suspicious.

Similarly, don’t be tempted by the ads offering to sell you Instagram likes.

They likewise will give little long-term benefit and may well harm your account’s standing!

Not only do you have to worry about being caught, but some products that claim to deliver Instagram followers or likes just don’t work. But ofcouse getting 5000-10000 instagram followers would be too much, rest we will tell more about it. 

But there are a few companies out there offering a real service and here at Influencer Marketing Hub, we can connect you with a company that will give the best results for Instagram auto likes/followers.

7 Points why you shouldn’t buy Instagram Followers :

  • Fake Instagram Followers Don’t Engage With Your Account –

This is a critical step for anyone hoping to establish themselves as an influencer because 

brands will always check the validity of your social media account and recognize whether or not they want you working with them.

So if you want to be considered an influencer, then make sure your followers engage with what they see.

If not then it’s like the content never got there.

The fake accounts typically follow thousands of people, get almost as many followers back, and then a few days later unfollow those that don’t notice they have been left out.

  • You Have Mismatched Engagement Compared to Genuine Accounts

It is not hard to spot accounts that have less engagement than typical.

All you need to do is look for lower-rank posts with no comments and replies, or visit their profile frequently compared with other users of similar profiles in order of magnitude!

When it comes to engagement on Instagram, you may not be able to tell if an account is spamming or just really active.

This can lead some people in circles where they comment and share each other’s content without thinking of the consequences for the business owner who has paid fees with no responses from followers.

Engagement can also seem too high when looking at case studies online about large followings which sometimes include what looks like sponsored posts instead (and make sure that there isn’t anything fishy going on!).

Influencers who create content for brands can be of little value if the input doesn’t closely align with what they offer.

Another way you can spot false engagement is by comparing the ratio of likes to comments on photos somebody shares.

You can tell that Instagrammer has bought likes when they post a lot of content but few comments.

  • You Might End up with Inappropriate Bot Comments on Posts

Some people think that they can fool you with fake followers, but their language and thoughts are so foreign to yours.

The bot accounts often leave generic comments on posts.

They could be genuine or not, but without any identifying information it’s hard to tell what their true motives are.

It’s not a good idea to rely on fake followers for approval.

They’re probably going off of what they see in your timeline and how it looks, so if you want someone who will give feedback that matters then use only real people.

  • Instagram Recognizes and Purges Fake Followers

Instagram has a strict anti-fraud policy in place to ensure that the user experience on Instagram remains enjoyable and positive.

As such, they are constantly looking for false accounts or spam posts from fake profiles trying to get one over them with their shoddy work ethic!

The price for followers is not cheap, and if you’re a new follower buyer then it’s best that these people stick around.

You never know when their next purchase will be.

  • Buying Fake Followers is Against Instagram’s Terms of Service

Instagram is an active discouragement of people who purchase followers.

Not only will these fake accounts get purged, but there’s also a chance they could be suspended by Instagram for buying/using bots or software that give you false credibility in your account!

Suspended for engaging in dodgy practices definitely will be poor account credibility.

A suspension from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can damage your reputation.

While it is easy for Instagram to flag you the first time, they won’t warn us a second time.

  • Having Fake Followers Destroys Your Credibility as an Influencer

You want your content and marketing efforts to be successful, but you also don’t have time for a long-term commitment.

Clear engagement paths for genuine accounts are a must.

If your level of engagement is either above or below these levels, people will doubt you as an influencer and this can deter them from engaging with future content on the platform.

Accounts for brands on Instagram can suffer if they’re not careful.

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to focus on building a fan base that will come back for more.

Share your posts with people who already love and trust you so they can recommend the brand or service in their own social feeds – this way even new followers are made over time.

You could even consider buying some Instagram ads, which will significantly increase your reach and hopefully pull in genuine followers.

  • You Won’t Earn Money Using Fake Followers

The purpose of buying followers is to build up your social credibility.

When people see that you have a large following, they will be more willing and interested in what it is that you’re talking about because there’s no way for them not to know who has the power.

Branders are savvier than ever about the power of social media, so brands need to be on their game.

There’s an intense vetting process before taking any new client. Agencies want only worthy clients with good potential who will not let them down (and vice versa).

Brand marketing is a tricky game.

If you are going to pay for ads, make sure it’s worth your time and money because there’s no point in boosting company account numbers falsely when nobody will come across the site or buy whatever product they’re advertising.

Conclusion :

Buying Instagram Followers is certainly not legal, and it can cost you more than just some money.

Getting your account suspended will create issues for all involved parties.

It’s better to stick with organic growth through engaging with social pages of like-minded brands or people on the medium.

Thank you for sticking to it!