Roblox games based on anime are increasingly popular in the United States and a new generation is joining them. To fight off the various enemies and monsters, the player will use characters from different anime titles. All-Star tower defense allows players to choose their favourite character and use different codes, such as Aqua Attd code that refers to the goddess of the konosuba series.

This article will give you the All-Star Tower defence active codes for this month. You can use them to receive gems and gold for your character.

Add code, and their uses:

Because of its frequent updates and ability to connect with other anime, All-Star Tower Defense has been a hit among players. Gamers have the option to bring in characters from other games and battle opponents. Gems and gold can be used to boost one’s power.

Aqua Attd character codes are used to attract aqua goddesses from anime series Konosuba using gems or gold. As characters made with gems and gold have greater power, players are always looking for Astd code to improve their game.

Codes also give players the ability to summon extra summons. All this makes code more important for gamers. The active code of each month can be obtained by players and they can redeem it within the specified time. This will increase the gaming experience without having to spend any money.

This month’s Active Aqua Astd code:

Below are the active codes to the All-star tower defense game. They also include the number and type of gold and gems associated with each code. You can also find expired codes so players can remove them from your list.

All-Star Tower Defence Active Codes:

  • Morecodeforyouxd – 175 Gems.
  • Codeofprisma – 250 Gems
  • Codeoflight 250 Gems
  • Listentothemusic132 – 175 Gems
  • Howareyoutodaymyfriendo – 175 Gems.
  • Fruitysubmore 250 Gems
  • 4thofjulyupdate 250 gold and 250 gemstones

Here are some of the expired codes:

  • Biggerthanlife1
  • Fruitgame
  • Updatejune2021
  • Fruit
  • 600klikes
  • Freedom
  • Lieawake

This allows players to use active codes for the month and discard expired codes. You can find out how to redeem these codes by reading this article until the end.

How do I redeem Aqua Astd code:

To keep gamers interested in the game, add code can be used by the game developer. It is also given as gifts to them. It usually follows the latest update of the game and assists in targeting the desired audience. Gems are also offered as gifts along with the code. It is a game in Astd’s currency.

Follow these steps to redeem your codes:

  • Open the Roblox All-Star Tower Defense game.
  • After opening the game tap on the three dots located at the right bottom.
  • Inbox your active code
  • It’s important to complete the task within the specified time and you will reap your rewards.

Final verdict

Aqua Astd code is available to unlock the character of your choosing for no cost. Players are constantly searching for these codes. Your code might expire so you should use it quickly to enjoy the extra power and benefits.

Players can leave feedback in the comment section by using the active codes.