There are countless useful and useless apps for iPhones. We have tested a great deal of apps so that you do not have to. We have picked out a few that we will introduce today. Of course, there are many apps out there that are very good and many more that are entertaining. We believe these are still some of the apps you absolutely must check out.

These are apps that are a little more convenient, but remember that you also need some entertainment apps on your phone. Find yourself a power service and download a casino app so that you can play online casinos wherever you are and see casino bonuses whenever needed.


You might not see the need for this app until your iPhone is stolen or until you read about cyber security. However, this is an app you need. In short, this is a very secure password protector that takes care of all your passwords for you so that you do not forget them and so that they are safe. It remembers all your passwords on all pages and allows you to log in automatically when you surf. You will not believe how much easier your everyday life will be. If your iPhone gets stolen, well, without good enough protection and passwords stored in Safari, all passwords have to be changed.


This is an app that makes everyday life so incredibly much easier for everyone who is going to make presentations, or PowerPoints, as some may call them. This app is very powerful, and it is very easy to make great presentations on your phone. The presentations can then be emailed as pdfs, PowerPoint formats, or, of course, Keynote formatsApple ID – whatever you desire. You can also use Apple’s version of this app: Pages. However, it is a little more crooked when you use spreadsheets and word processing on your phone, but it works. If you buy the apps and have an iPad, you will also get iPad versions, as long as you use the same AppleID.

Allrecipes Pro

Although there are a lot of different apps out there, this one is something different. Unfortunately, this app is not for free, but you can gladly throw away all your cookbooks. This is honestly the best cooking app you will find, so the Pro version is worth it.