Do you wish to modernize your bathroom and kitchen by replacing the outdated fixtures? Do you think your faucet and associated parts up to par? If there isn’t, and you’re seeking low-cost faucets read this post.

Based on our research, Appaso has been shipping its goods to customers in the United States and various other countries.

Continue reading the Appaso Reviews write-up to learn more important details about its authenticity.

What is Appaso:

It’s an online store offering contemporary and distinctive faucets. According to the website it was established in 2008, with the aim to create faucets that were specialized.

It outlines its goal to provide families with top-quality faucets for a minimal cost right at their doorsteps.

The steps involved in creating a product are as they are:

  • Designing and manufacturing products, 3D molds,
  • Manufacturing and design of molds
  • The Combustion Casting process and the Gravity casting,
  • Polishing and water excising,
  • Test and Double Quality Check,
  • Packaging.

Is Appaso legitimate Or Not? Other information is available about the website. Examples of products that are available on the site include:

  • Kitchen (Faucet, Sink),
  • Bathroom (Shower Faucet and Bathroom Faucet),
  • Faucet Accessories.

In addition to the US The brand also ships to other countries like France and Germany subject to certain restrictions, according to its policy.

The Specifications for Appaso:

  • Domain Age The site is about nine years old. It was first it was created on May 11, 2013.
  • Url: –
  • Category E-commerce store according to our research for Appaso Reviews..
  • Email: – [email protected] (for after sales); [email protected] (for pre sales).
  • Phone: 7028862182 (message only)
  • address: 5140 Rogers St Suite D Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA.
  • payment options The options include: AmEx, PayPal, Visa and many more.
  • Refund Policy Customers are able to return the item after 90 days.
  • The policy for refunds The Company will send back a refund upon confirmation of product’s acceptance for refund within three to five business days. If the product is suitable for refund, the buyer will be paid within the next 2 to 3 business days following the date of the last confirmation email.
  • Total Delivery Time 5–10 days (standard time)
  • The shipping policy Shipping policy: Free shipping.

The pros of the website to Appaso reviews :

  • The site has been designed and maintained quite efficiently.
  • The products listed on the website are user-friendly and have adequate descriptions.
  • The website is protected by the essentials of personal information of customers.
  • The policies are clearly stated.
  • There’s a decent amount of customer reviews to read.

The cons of this website:

  • The website does not have a zero Alexa rank.
  • SSL certificates for the website contain a lot of mistakes.
  • The trust score for the site is nearly zero.
  • There is a huge difference between the reviews posted on the site and reviews posted on social media sites by users.
  • The social media followers and interactions with the brand are not positive.

Is Appaso legit?

There are pros and cons of the website aren’t giving an unambiguous signal to the consumer. To get the decision-making points , you must follow the following checkpoints.

  • Site Trust Scorethe web page has no trust rating. It means that it is the only site to will ever trust it.
  • Alexa Ranking: according to the Alexa ranking, the website is ranked at zero, which doesn’t make sense. This raises suspicion about the website.
  • Customer reviews:there is an apparent difference in the reviews posted on the site as well as other social platforms based on our study for Appaso Review Reviews
  • Social Media Link The right social media links are provided on the website. However, there is little interaction between the customers and the company.
  • Site AgeThe website is 9 years old. However, the small popularity of the brand doesn’t indicate that it is 9 years old.

The website may be fraudulent since none of the points above suggests it is a reliable payment website.

User Reviews

Our exhaustive research has revealed that there was a gap between the reviews on the website and social media platforms. This suggests that the company altered the reviews that were available.


To summarize the Appaso Review products, those available on the website are attractive and reasonably priced. But they’re not as good as online security. So decide cautiously.