Are you eager to know more about this cheese shop called Antonellis Cheese Shop? If so then you’re happy to read this blog article.

Today our experts will take you to the cheese shop known as Antonellis Cheese Shop. The store is renowned worldwide for its cheese and platters boxes, etc. The store was founded by a few from the United States to encourage “Do Good, Eat Good”.

There are many things we can say about this store and we will keep you updated with the Antonellis Cheese Shop Reviewsand continue reading.

What is Antonellis Cheese Shop?

The site’s “about us” page is a cheese shop that was started by a couple from the United States. The purpose of the store is to promote healthy and good quality food products.

Additionally, the website has many gifts and platters, like honeycomb crunch vegetarian cheese tray, pasteurized cheese tray. In addition, the website also offers many unique platters and gift boxes for customers.

If the mere mention of cheese is enough to make your mouth salivating, then go to the Antonellis Cheese Shop as it is free to sample.

But, Is Antonellis Cheese Shop Legit? Let’s answer this question below.

Particulars or Key Features of Antonellis Cheese Shop

  • Website’s homepage link-
  • Domain age registration date-18/08/2009
  • Newsletter – current
  • Site’s offerings: cheese platters as well as gift boxes
  • Address of company not given
  • Address of email not revealed
  • Phone number: 512-531-9610
  • Social media icons – presented
  • Policy on item refundsNo information
  • Payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover
  • Processing time is 3-7 days
  • Cost of transportation – Free shipping within Texas on orders over $75

It is advised to look over the shop’s Antonellis Cheese Shop Reviews before taking any decision to move?

What’s the best things about Antonellis Cheese Shop?

  • The online store is well-organized.
  • It provides a comprehensive description of all the details.
  • It is present on the most popular online social networks.
  • We have seen positive reviews on the site.
  • It offers a variety of products and also provides additional services too.
  • The public can sample free samples and shipping is free.

What do you think are negative things about Antonellis Cheese Shop?

  • It is necessary to fill out the form in order to receive assistance.
  • There aren’t any reviews listed on the site.

Is Antonellis Cheese Shop Legit?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to be sure about any online store because of the huge rise in fraud online. Experts suggest that you verify the credibility of each online store prior to sharing your personal information with them to avoid being entangled in fraudulent websites. Additionally, you can discover all the facts concerning the Antonellis cheese shop in this article So, keep reading.

Please read the following points:

  • Domain registration date for the website . According to the study, the site’s domain is at least 12 years old. It was registered on 18 August 2009.
  • Domain expiration time- the Domain name will be valid until 18 August 2022.
  • Commentary from a Shopper- There aren’t any reviews from customers’ Antonellis Cheese Shop Reviews posted on the official site.
  • The e-store for social media has genuine social media websites on it.
  • Quality of content – the content appears to be original and valuable.
  • Address OriginalityAddress originality – the address of the company isn’t on the site.
  • Ranking and trust score according to the investigation The site’s trust score is 80% higher than average, and the ranking is 75.4/100.
  • Alexa rank: As per the internet’s global participation website’s Alexa number is 749.414.
  • Offers that are not real doesn’t offer discounts or special offers on its merchandise.
  • Website’s policies: The site’s policies are stifling.

Shoppers’ Antonellis Cheese Shop Reviews

However, there is no customer who has published a reviews on the official site. However, at the same we have received positive feedback from the Official facebook site “” on which people have shared that they enjoy the cheese testing events. it’s a great shop and is easy but the most convenient location to buy cheese.

So, every client was happy with Antonellis Cheese Shop’s merchandise as well as events and services.

Are you aware of had a problem with fraud using Paypal? If yes, then you should read this article.

The Bottom Line

After the Antonellis Cheese Shop Reviews We concluded that the cheese shop is legitimate if we look at the reviews of customers we’ve obtained from the official social media site and the long-running history of its establishment.

We still recommend our customers to check every factor before making an order. If you require money back through a credit card from any online retailer check out this article.

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