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How do you feel about buying food items at an online store? Are you also interested in ordering food that isn’t cooked at home? This is the place for you. We’ve just launched the same site, which offers all the comfort food that you enjoy.

This website has been registered with the United States. In this Norahlstore Review review, we will talk about the wide range of food items and the different flavors they have and the quality of the site. Don’t waste time, check out the below article:

What is

Norahlstore offers an online store that specializes in food products that connect foodies with brands of food that offer the best comfort food. Their food quality is top-quality and is a delight for all foodies. It sells food such as can food, caviar, and ham food online. They also have an extensive selection of brand food products.

However, since it’s an online site There is always the issue of Are Norahlstore legitimate? We’ve discussed its merits in the section below.


  • Website URL:
  • The Domain was registered from 02/03/2022
  • The expiration date for the domain is 02/03/2023
  • E-mail IDEmail ID: [email protected]
  • Official address– 3585 Harding Highway, Lima, Ohio, United States
  • Phone numberThe web designer has not provided its contact number.
  • Owner’s NameThe name of the owner was listed on their homepage.
  • Shipping policy – It will deliver your order within 7 to 20 working days.
  • Free shippingThe website offers a no-cost shipping on all orders that exceed $95.
  • Standard Shipping Service:As per Norahlstore Reviews their website, it does not provide the shipping policy that is standard.
  • The presence of social media The website doesn’t have any logos of social media on its home page.
  • Custom dutyCustomers are not responsible for the payment of any customs duties.
  • Policy on ReturnIt comes with 15 days of return policy.
  • Payment modes– Amex, Visa, Master Card, Paypal etc.

Benefits of

  • It has provided its Email ID to contact customer support.
  • It also has a free shipping policy.
  • It has a variety of payment methods according to the convenience of the customer.

Limitations of

  • It has no Social Media presence.
  • It does not mention the name of its owner as is required for a website that is online.

Is Norahlstore Legit or Scam?

The quality of the food is exceptional and they provide free shipping policy, many customers are still skeptical about the value of the site since it’s an online food-related shopping website. Let’s look at its worthiness.

  • Domain Date of Creation:The Domain was developed on 02/03/2022, and is relatively new in the world of online marketing.
  • valid contact number:The website developer is not listed any contact numbers to offer customer service via phone calls.
  • The Social Media presence There was no logo of social media was present on their site.
  • The Trust Score isThe rating of trust is extremely poor, with just 1percent.
  • Officially verified adress:According to Norahlstore Reviewsits official address is 3585 Harding Highway, Lima, Ohio, US.
  • Percentage of Pirated ContentThe website is stocked with 50percent pirated material taken from another website.
  • Alexa Ranking:The Website is ranked #8,133,568, and is ranked on the site that ranks global rankings.
  • Policy on refundsThe web-portal will refund the amount using the payment method that was originally used.
  • Non-refundable productssales items will not be refunded on their site.
  • The cancellation policyCustomers may cancel the order at any time before the product is sent to them.
  • Exchange Policy – Only damaged or defective items are exchanged.

Norahlstore Reviews:

There are no reviews from customers or feedback on their homepage, which could indicate its value. There is no social media logo visible on their site to get any reviews from customers. The Alexa rank of this site is not very good that raises doubts about its credibility. Here’s what buyers need to know: What You Need to Know About the Paypal Scam

The Conclusion Statement:

The website is fairly new to the market which is why people aren’t sure about its credibility. As you will see, the website has a low credibility score, and its lack of social media presence does raise questions about its credibility. It’s very likely to be a fraudulent website since it doesn’t have many specifics such as the Norahlstore Review. In addition, consumers must be aware of how to obtain an entire refund on a credit card scams The website usesto stop fraud.

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