Are you a fan of crime dramas? If you are a fan of crime thrillers, you can go to “Netflix” the newest crime drama “Inventing Anna”.

Based on our research “Inventing Ana” is being streamed on “Netflix” starting on February 11. The crime-themed series has already caught more attention from people in across the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to our research, this criminal story is based on actual instances of fraud convictions by “Anna Sorokin”. However, the story gives an idea of the Anna Delvey Fyre’s Festival.

What do you know about the TV Series?

The story is based on the way Anna performed all the techniques to the reputed financial sector hoteliers, business tycoons, and business tycoons in New York City.

Anna declared herself to be an heir to Anna, who was a “German” Aristocrat and wealthy family, as per our research.

However the other possibility is that “Billy Mcfarland” was planning to host the festival “Fyre Festival” to swindle the wealthy residents in the city.

The crime drama is centered around two individuals who have been convicted, and their scheme to defraud investors of around 27 million dollars.

Anna Delvey Instagram

“Anna Delvey” part is played by the famous actress Julia Garner. The character Anna was in the news due to her posting pictures on her “Instagram” profile.

The “Instagram” photo went popular again. In the same way, the show’s producers have launched their own Instagram profile to promote the show “Anna Delvey”. The account makes the show important and promotes the crime drama through Social media sites.

This idea can help them achieve massive success in their promotional efforts. Many are visiting the accounts of both on Instagram. Some are confused as to what the real “Anna” has shared her picture on Instagram.

Anna Delvey Fyre Festival and the Crime

“Netflix” is a series of television “Netflix” series will also be focusing on the connection between “Anna” with “Macfarland”.

According to our study, Anna literally knew Billy Macfarland who was the organizer for the “Fyre Festival”.

The crime-drama “Inventing Anna” shows that Mcfarland was planning to put on the festival along with the artist “JA Rule”.

In four episodes, it’s revealed the fact that “Billy” was speaking to “Anna” about the change to the spelling “Fire Festival” to “Fyre Festival”.

Our investigation also found the fact that often “Anna” was at Mcfarland within his workplace.

If you go to “Instagram” and click “Instagram,” you will discover Anna Delvey Instagram and also check out the numerous photos that have been posted on the account.

Why do people want to know about “Anna”?

The crime drama “Inventing Anna” exposes the crimes committed through “Anna Sorokin”.

According to our investigation, we have found that the show has been investing and trying to establish the plot about the person being accused.

Because of this, lots of people search for “Anna Sorokin” and also go on to watch the show.


Finally, we can affirm that our research has revealed several rumors regarding The Mcfarland Anna and the Mcfarland families. Anna.

We learned that Anna and Billy attempted to put together an event in the Bahamas. How do Anna and Billy are planning to invite wealthy people to attend the event.