Down: Anime is handwritten or graphically drawn animation from Japan. It was a tough Japanese creation, but gradually it was appreciated and viewed worldwide. One of the main differences between anime and cartoons is that anime is usually defined as either a Japanese style cartoon or an animation based on Western life.

Several websites and OTT provide a wide variety of Animes collection for the United States to view on their platform. One of the most used websites is

This article covers everything you need to know about Aniwatch. me, and why the server is down for the past few months. Keep reading!

Is down or crashed?

It may be difficult for anime lovers as they cannot watch their favorite anime due to the global movie site. If you think there is a problem with your connection, the answer is no; the website has been struggling for some time now.

What is is a United States-based website that is a haven for anime enthusiasts. The website offers the best anime collection experience curated by their staff. Not only new releases but you can also watch classic animations such as neon Genesis Evangelion, online sword art, death note and attack on titan.

The quality is available up to 1080p, but they also have low quality video options for slow internet connection issues.

The best thing about is that you won’t be disturbed while watching your favorite anime. There are no ads or banners when you visit the site to provide you with a smooth viewing experience.

The website was developed using a non-harmful and fully personalized HTML5 player in addition to the latest video rendering technology, HLS. the website is made in a modern environment; thus it is fully optimized for mobile and desktop viewing.

It also features a watch2gether option that allows you to chat through the web sockets and share your favorite emotes.

How to Fix Down?

If the website works for everyone else, but not for a single user, a few steps below can solve the problem.


Press CTRL + F5 to completely refresh your browser. It works for firefox, chrome and other internet browsers. Clear temporary cache and cookies to ensure you have the latest version of Down.

If refreshing doesn’t help, try advanced options-

Clear the DNS cache to make sure you have the latest version via ISP. For Windows you can start, then go to the command prompt and fill ipconfig / flushdns and hit enter.

If you think the ISP is trying to block, you can use the alternative DNS service.

What are viewers saying about

According to the viewers’ choice, Aniwatch. me is the best, free to use, no annoying ads, and has an extensive collection of animations! Since the Down, viewers have been waiting for it to get an upgrade. The website is safe to use and there is no suspicion behind it.

Is Is it scam or trustworthy?

The website is viewed worldwide and the trust level is too high to question its legitimacy. After analyzing various aspects of the website, the positive score is determined, such as the technology, location, website on the same server, etc. The website has been around for a long time, which has built up a considerable reputation among the users.

Final words

According to the reports, officials are still working on it and there are no updates on the website. Since Down for a long time; Anime lovers find it difficult to watch their favorite series.

The website has many anime series such as Alice in deadly school, back arrow, beaters, and many more! We are waiting for the website to go live soon.