Are you an Anime fighting Simulator fanatic? Are you familiar with the new boss? Would you like to find out more about Rimuru boss If so, you should read this article.

New bosses have been added to Anime Fighting Simulator for Christmas. Rimuru, one of these bosses, is available to United States fans who want to learn more. We will now be talking about Anime Fighting simulator Rimuru.

Rimuru is who?

Rimuru has been promoted to the position of boss in an anime-inspired action & adventures game, Anime Fighting Simulator. Rimuru boss was one of many who lost their jobs during the Christmas update.

The Christmas update includes 10x exp points and four new powers. There are also new rewards such as a champion, new champion, and other updates. Rimuru has unique abilities, powers and chakras.

Rimuru boss is a result of the Rimuru light novel character RimuruTempest, also known previously as Satoru Miami. Let’s learn more about Rimuru Tempest (light novel anime) before getting to know more details about Rimuru , an anime fighting simulator.

Who are Rimuru Tempest and

RimuruTempest is the main protagonist of the light-anime novel series That Time, I Got Reincarnated as A Slime. Rimuru is part of the demon slime species. He possesses the blessing or divine protection from the Strong Crest.

RimuruTempest’s current title as Ruler of Demons Awakened Monster Lord is Slimesan, Sensei and Milord are some of his nicknames. He is also the founder of Jura Forest’s Jura Tempest Federation.

Vendora TempestTrue Dragon’s best friend Rimuru is also his partner. He currently lives in Rimuru which is also capital of Jura Tempest Federation.

What Skills Anime Fighting simulator Rimuru Possess?

Rimuru is a boss in Roblox’s Anime Fighting Simulator. Rimuru was introduced to the game just a few days back. Not much information is available on his abilities. He is an imposing boss, with some very unique abilities.

Lists and Abilities of Rimuru –

In terms o Durability:

  • Black Hole: Rimuru, AFS boss, can summon several black holes. They pull everyone towards them and cause severe damage.
  • Gluttony: Rimuru is also capable of releasing ever-consuming darkness that can consume anyone it meets.

Using Chakra terms:

  • Hall Flame – The Anime Fighting Simulator Rimuru boss has the ability to fire a concentrated ball containing flames at the target, incinerating it.
  • Dark Lightning- Rimuru summons dark lightning upon the closest target.

Sword Skills

  • God’s Wrath — The Rimuru boss can draw water particles from the environment and unleash them in an incredibly violent way.
  • Hell Flare – Rimuru boss is able to release a condensed ball o’ flame that explodes once it reaches its target.


Rimuru boss, AFS Roblox’s new game, is fascinating because of its unique abilities. These abilities can inflict severe damage on the targets.