Are you searching for new outfits? Shopping online is a great option. You can search for the exact same on this platform.

Shopping online is a popular option for those with busy schedules and who want to save time from the traditional market. Most countries, including the United Kingdom and Germany, offer online shopping. Many websites also offer accessories and tops for the same price.

We have created a website that features a wide range of products in the same style. Let’s see Angelic Shop Reviews .

What does Angelic Shop mean?

Angelic Shop is an online store that offers tops and bottoms, as well accessories, jackets, shoes, and other items. Also, there are sales.

It currently serves its facilities in several countries. This site allows you to pay online in a variety of payment methods and in different currencies.

It is important to research thoroughly before you shop online.

Specifications by Angelic shop

  • The URL of the website is
  • Direct communication via phone is not possible.
  • We do not have any information about the address of the company.
  • The email id is given as –
  • Fill out your contact details to be contacted for any communication.
  • It is the claim to a collection.
  • Sale running on the portal
  • Active links for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have been provided.
  • Here you can pay online via AMEX (VISA), MasterCard, and other payment methods.
  • The Angelic Shop Reviews are not currently available online. You can read positive reviews on the site.
  • You can pay in various currencies such INR (EUR), USD, etc.
  • Protocols are used to fully secure websites.
  • It allows you to return/refund/exchange the items within three business days of receiving them.
  • It also accepts cash on delivery in LEBANON (in $ or LBP).

Positive Aspects This Portal

  • Payment online and cash on delivery are both possible.
  • You can also pay with different currencies.
  • It is responsible for huge collections.
  • Links to social media have been shared and are all active.
  • On the website, positive reviews are listed.

Negative aspects of This Portal

  • Customer’s Angelic Shop Comments are not available anywhere.
  • There is no way to communicate with the company, such as by phone or email.
  • It only has a 27 % trust score.
  • The website is about one year old.
  • It is securing average trust rank.
  • The portal has a limited number of items, and the prices are quite high.

Let us now proceed to examine the legitimacy of the website.

Is Angelic Shop legitimate , or a scam?

Before placing an online order, we must verify certain points. Let’s take a look at these points to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the website.

  • The date of the creation of this website is 27/09/2020.
  • The portal expires in a matter of days, on 27/09/2022, after just a few weeks.
  • The website received 50.6 points out of 100 trust ranking.
  • The portal has a 27-percent trust index, which is not great.
  • The owner information of the company is not available.
  • It has a zero Alexa rating in the google search.
  • User’s Angelic Shop section is fully OFF online . We have only positive reviews.
  • The main portal seems plagiarized. Some images have been copied from other portals.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are available.
  • It is now claiming the latest collection in tops, bottoms as well accessories, shoes and jackets.
  • Communication mode has not been used anywhere except one email ID.

The website is also questionable because there are no reviews. Before placing an order, please wait to read genuine reviews and check all features.

What’s the shoppers’ Angelic Shop Reviews

Angelic Shop claims it is the best shopping portal. However, the website does not have any user reviews. Although positive reviews are found on the website, they cannot be trusted.


Let’s close this post by sharing some important points. The website’s lack of reviews by customers makes it questionable. You should wait for reviews from real shoppers to arrive.