The current Andrew Huang Space tweet has Created a buzz amongst his fans in the United Kingdom, Canada, along with also the United States.

Andrew Huang needs no introduction as he is the favorite Toronto-based video and music composer and producer with a tendency towards working within self-imposed limitations.

The music producer took the social media, especially his Twitter Handle, to talk about a tweet mentioning that he is tweeting from outer space. Shortly after the tweet began trending on Twitter, all fans started asking questions and commenting on it.

The tweet states,”Hello, I am Tweeting from Outer Space.” The tweet was released on 19th March 2021, a couple hours ago.

Andrew Huang is the Toronto-based audio composer and producer and A successful and versatile musician with over 2000 songs in his title in various genres. He’s internationally famous for his musicianship’s strange accomplishments that helped him catch the attention of over 1.9 million readers and perspectives on his YouTube station.

Soon after the tweet started moving online, all of his fans got crazy to find out more from the tune producer. The tweet states,”Hello, I’m Tweeting from Outer Space.”

The tweet has been posted a couple of hours ago, on 19th March 2021. All his followers and fans want to know more about the Andrew Huang Space tweet.

Which are the Reactions of People?

Following the musician posted the tweet on his tweeter handle, all the Followers start to question the musician about is adventures in outer space.

In their replies, some of the followers asking the musician about The weather in outer space, while some are still at the condition of confusion and wish to know whether it’s real or just a simple tweet. Some people consider it the biggest flex as nothing is confirmed if the tweet is actual.

The tweet has garnered over 2100 likes, 16 quotation tweets, and 73 re-tweets in seven hours.

Is the Tweet Real or Fake?

There’s no confirmation whether the musician is Tweeting from outer space, as mentioned in the conversation, or will be doing it only for fun.

Online and found no information aside from the followers’ replies and comments. The tweet is real since it’s posted on the musician’s Twitter manage, but there’s no confirmation whether the artist is truly tweeting from outer space or making fun online.


Stars Normally Have huge fan followers Throughout the world and What they converse or publish on social media creates a massive buzz among them. Recently, the Toronto-based artist tweeted that he’s tweeting from outer space, and soon after the post, everyone began questioning whether it is true or just for pleasure. It appears that he has tweeted again promote his older and popular song Outer Space.

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