Brokers often post various materials on the market on their websites. These are usually small sections that give the most general information like current quotes and exchange rates of multiple currencies. Companies such as Esperio Broker create entire departments dedicated to analytics and providing helpful information on the market.

The activities of such departments are divided into different areas so that all broker clients can find something useful for themselves regardless of the trading style (short-term speculation or long-term investment). We will discuss information support for traders in Esperio and how to get the information you need.

What is Analytics for?

The question may seem simple, but many people cannot answer it. A trader who has been on the market for a long time knows perfectly well what data he is interested in, so he just looks for the right one. A beginner knows nothing about trading and is forced to learn the entire fundamental component of the economy and the market. Simply put, the words «the Fed raised the rate» will not tell a newcomer anything, while this is a global event that largely determines the course of trading for quarters ahead.

Esperio Broker covers all critical events in a simple and accessible language so everyone can understand. Sometimes it seems that the market behaves illogically, but as Charles Dow said, the price counts for everything. And if it is now falling with positive data from the global economy, then the reason is somewhere deeper. You can find and earn it through analytical calculations.

Information about the Market in the Esperio Broker Trading Terminal

It is very convenient to see market news in the same window in the trading program. Metatrader has a separate tab that opens the news feed with all the latest news. Almost every broker has such a function, but many save money and connect clients to a subscription to only a limited number of agencies. Esperio Forex provides access to all the news. The company’s clients see the outgoing data, publications and statements of various officials. Data arrives almost instantly from news outlets, including translation delays typically less than 30 seconds. This is especially true when holding press conferences with regulators and releasing critical macroeconomic data.

Schedule of Publications on Esperio Forex Website

In simple terms, this is a regular calendar in which the company’s customers are invited to familiarize themselves with upcoming publications, speeches and data releases. The news covers all significant regions from a trade point of view — Asia, Europe, the USA, South America. Esperio Broker reviews especially highlight several differences from the usual economic calendar, which can often be found on the Internet:

  • Past forecasts
  • Price chart
  • Implied volatility

This additional Esperio Broker data allows you to assess better the impact of particular news on the market. It is also worth noting the convenient functionality: the economic calendar can be customized, leaving only important information or those related to the specific trading instruments.

Trading Scenarios

The analytical department of Esperio Forex continuously monitors the market and notifies clients about interesting situations from a trading point of view. Publications usually concern the medium term since the information is provided on the website and not everyone can be online all the time. Each trading idea offers:

  • Market entry point
  • Exiting a position by stopping or take
  • Alternative scenarios

As a rule, these ideas follow the output data. Esperio Forex experts compare the data with what the market is laying down and conclude the possible price movement. This analytics is available to all clients whose deposit exceeds $1.000.

Economic Esperio Broker Reviews

The company also conducts comprehensive market analysis and releases relevant materials in addition to local news publications. Esperio Forex reviews are published twice a week — in the middle of an intermediate review and at the end of the full one. This allows clients to promptly assess the market state and follow trends, see changes and quickly respond to them. Esperio’s analytical support is at a high level, which corresponds to the company’s position as one of the industry leaders.