The pearly luster and unique beauty of moonstone never fails to impress. This ancient gemstone variety belongs to feldspar family of minerals and has a beautiful opalescent texture. Its association with the planet Moon carries lunar vibes that can transform your life.

Moon is the planet controlling wisdom and emotions that churn inside you like tidal waves. Moonstone helps you look inward and rediscover your soul. It connects you with lunar energies of the moon to stimulate psychic vision and perception.

Moonstone Meaning

Since the ancient eras, moonstone crystal has been revered for its association with moon’s magic. It has served as an amulet offering protection to voyagers, passion to lovers, and wisdom to learners.

As the moon changes its cycles, it creates tides in the oceans. The movement of this planet affects many aspects of your life by influencing your behavior and emotions. When you feel a wave of thoughts churning inside you, moonstone gemstone can calm them and lead you to a natural rhythm in your life.

Moonstone Properties and Varieties

With its pearly white reflection and soft opaqueness, moonstone exhibits chatoyancy. It has a rating of 6 on the Moh’s scale, making it a delicate stone for jewelry. This unique gemstone comes with a special optical phenomenon called adularescence. It gives a radiant glow to the surface of moonstone and makes it look like a rainbow emitting beautiful colors from its core.

The stone is naturally available in stunning shades of white, gray, peach, and blue. Here are these varieties explained:

White Moonstone: With the clear white light under its surface, this stone captures the spirit of new moon and magnifies emotions. It also activates kundalini energy in women and creates emotional balance with psychic perception.

Gray Moonstone: Also called as the stone of the new moon, gray moonstone helps you pull back the psychic waves and lets you look beyond the usual periphery.

Cat’s Eye or Blue Moonstone: This stone promotes inner vision and mental clarity, especially in the meditative state to understand life lessons and balance emotions.

Rainbow Moonstone: When you need psychic protection to clear your mind and induce better sleep, choose rainbow moonstone that works as a prism to diffuse different energies in your aura.

Moonstone Powers

In many legends, moonstone is described as a protective gemstone for travelers. It helps open your mind and heart to love and nurturing qualities.

Apart from its beauty and shine, this gemstone facilitates meditation by harnessing the internal energies and calming emotional turmoil. Moonstone carries the following powers and abilities for its users.

  • Regulates Intuition

As the gemstone of inward vision, moonstone symbolizes the depth of human emotions to awaken intuition. It helps you understand the deep feelings and connect with your higher self to trust your instincts and follow your gut. Those who wear moonstone jewelry feel composed even during the sudden changes that undertake their lives.

  • Encourages Emotional Balance

Due to its soothing qualities, moonstone can balance and heal emotions. This gemstone helps you keep your thoughts and feelings under control instead of over expressing or under expressing them. When you feel like you’re at the cusp of emotional explosion, this gemstone can stimulate your composure and a deep feeling of contentment.

Moonstone is a beacon of light in the darkness and links your soul to the universe, so your emotional energies can move in tandem with the higher energies. For women, this gemstone invokes their feminine powers and clairvoyance by stimulating kundalini energies.

The moonstone crystal is also highly beneficial for children suffering from insomnia and nightmares.

  • Stimulates Chakra Healing

The stunning white glow of moonstone is associated with the crown chakra. This chakra acts as the spiritual center of your body and represents your personality in lieu with infinite peace and wisdom. Since the crown chakra is your gateway to the vast universe, it controls your thoughts and worldly responses. It is also the center of your spiritual growth, connecting you with higher planes.

When this chakra goes out of balance, you will experience negativity and suffer emotional setbacks. Moonstone dispels these negativities by balancing the crown chakra. It also connects beautifully with the third-eye chakra and the heart chakra to keep you attuned with the universe, despite the emotions swirling inside your mind.

  • Brings Courage

When you need emotional strength to speak up and share your vision with others, moonstone gives you the courage and confidence to do so without faltering. The stone helps you face your darkest emotions and acknowledge your feelings to control them better.

  • Heals Physical Ailments

As a gemstone that can utilize natural energies, moonstone can effectively heal the problems of the female reproductive system. It can enhance fertility and lessen the pain during the childbirth. The gemstone reduces menstrual pain and balances the hormonal systems.

Moonstone is also an excellent growth stone for teenagers and young children. It possesses strong degenerative powers for elderly to alleviate the degeneration of eyes, skin, and hair. The stone can cure insomnia and ward off nightmares.

How to Identify Natural Moonstone

All the positive effects and properties mentioned above are possible when you buy and wear natural moonstone. You need a stone free of chemicals or adulteration that alters its natural composition. Remember, flawless white moonstone is a rare gem with excellent transparency.

You can find the best varieties at gemstone stores like GemPundit, catering to various demands for moonstone with natural and untreated crystals. Before investing, look at these points:

  • Moonstone should have a clear color with more clarity. Look for the blue shine or adularescence in the stone.
  • The clarity can be transparent to opaque without any visible inclusions.
  • The cabochon cut reflects the moonstone’s phenomenal color and improves its aesthetics. Choose a stone with a uniform dimensions, but it shouldn’t be flat.
  • Ensure that moonstone prices are reasonable by comparing them at different stores. Rainbow moonstone fetches the highest value among all varieties.

Working with Moonstone to Induce Lunar Vibes

You can use moonstone for rituals associated with this planet. It helps you understand lunar phases to work with them and sync them with your life. Carry a moonstone or hold it in your left hand when meditating to promote intuitive healing and emotional control.