Cumberland Resort Norfolk Island is an ideal destination for a relaxing island getaway. Located on a stunning tropical island in the South Pacific, the resort offers a range of accommodation options, ranging from self-contained apartments to luxurious villas. The resort is conveniently located close to the main tourist attractions and activities on the island, including the historic Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area, beautiful beaches, and stunning national parks. 

At Cumberland Resort Norfolk Island, guests will be spoilt for choice with a range of activities and experiences. The resort offers a range of outdoor activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and bushwalking. There is also a swimming pool, tennis court, spa, and fitness center. Guests can also take part in cultural activities, such as learning the traditional language, Pitkern, or taking a guided tour of the island. 

The resort also offers a range of dining options, including the popular Island Breeze restaurant, which serves up local seafood and fresh produce. There are also several bars and cafes at the resort, as well as a grocery store. 

Cumberland Resort Norfolk Island is the perfect place for an unforgettable island getaway. With its stunning natural beauty, an abundance of activities, and comfortable accommodations, it is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Overview of Cumberland Resort Norfolk Island

The Cumberland Resort is a hotel located on Norfolk Island, a small island in the South Pacific. It is located in the town of Burnt Pine and offers a range of accommodation options, from luxurious self-contained villas to budget-friendly motel rooms. The resort also boasts two restaurants, a pool, a spa, a gym, and a tennis court. Guests can also enjoy a range of activities, such as golf, snorkeling, and fishing trips. The resort is situated on a stunning stretch of beachfront, offering incredible views of the island and ocean.

Accommodations at Cumberland Resort

Cumberland Resort offers a variety of accommodations, including traditional hotel rooms and suites, cottage rentals, and RV sites. The resort also features a variety of amenities such as a swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, miniature golf, and more. Additionally, the resort offers a range of packages for guests, including golf packages, spa packages, and romantic getaways.

Activities and Attractions at Cumberland Resort

Cumberland Resort offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors. The resort is located on the outskirts of the Appalachian Mountains, making it a great destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and camping. The resort also features a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. In addition, the resort offers a variety of seasonal activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. The resort also offers an onsite restaurant and bar, as well as a variety of entertainment options such as live music, movie nights, and karaoke. Guests can also take advantage of the resort’s close proximity to nearby attractions such as Dollywood and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Dining Options at Cumberland Resort

At Cumberland Resort, guests can enjoy a variety of dining options. Guests can choose to dine at the resort’s full-service restaurant, which offers a variety of American, Mexican, and Italian cuisine. There is also a bar and grill located on the property, which serves a wide array of appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees. In addition, guests can take advantage of the complimentary continental breakfast served each morning. Guests can also enjoy a variety of snacks and light fare from the on-site convenience store.

Transportation Options Around Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island has many transportation options available to get around the island. The most common way to get around is by car, as the island has several car rental companies. There are also taxis available and a public bus system that runs around the island. If you prefer to get around on foot, there are plenty of walking trails, and a bike hire shop is open for visitors. For those looking for a more adventurous way to explore, there are also boat tours and charters available.

Local Culture and History of Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small island located in the South Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia. The island is an Australian external territory and is home to a unique culture and history.

The original inhabitants of Norfolk Island were the Polynesians, who settled there between the 12th and 15th centuries. They left their mark on the island with traditional Polynesian artifacts such as wooden carvings and stone tools.

In 1788, the British settled the island, and it was used as a penal colony for convicts from the United Kingdom. The convicts transformed the island, building roads, creating a hospital, and constructing the famous Kingston Pier.

The British abandoned the island in 1814, and the island was taken over by the descendants of the Bounty mutineers from Tahiti. These settlers established a prosperous agricultural industry, while also introducing the language of Norfuk, a mix of English and Tahitian.

Today, the island’s culture is a unique blend of Polynesian, British, and Australian influences. The traditional culture is still celebrated, with traditional songs and dances performed at festivals throughout the year.

The island is also home to a unique cuisine, with both traditional Polynesian and British influences. As well as seafood dishes, the island is famous for its Norfolk Island pineapple.

The island also has a rich historical heritage, with many of the original convict buildings still standing. The Kingston and Arthur’s Vale Historic Area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many of these buildings.

Norfolk Island is a unique destination with a fascinating culture and history. Visitors can explore the island’s past, as well as its traditional way of life.