Creations were meant to be protected because it is always vulnerable from theft. The ever-growing technology, aside from bringing the overly accepted virtual world, also brought online predators with its chances to gang up on your documents and information. Whether or not it is confidential, they will not stop until they exhaust all your resources.

These accidents made putting watermarks on documents standard to add a layer of protection for their PDF files. PDF file formats are incredibly more rigid to edit than other file formats. Thus, watermarks embedded on it are also challenging to change or remove if ever it comes into the possession of shady people.

GogoPDF As Your Exclusive Watermarker

GogoPDF has its online toolbox that can add watermark to PDF online faster than any other websites doing the same kind of business. Using this website can also mean a more secure and safer watermarking processing for the users and their PDF files. It is possible because of the website’s dependable features that can be read on the page’s proper.

The website page’s user-friendly appearance also aids in hassle-free navigation. Fewer words can be seen with most of it as clickable to give the users choices whether or not they want to read more to have more knowledge about GogoPDF. It will allow all users to happily enjoy the website’s watermarking service’s fullest extent.

It also provides steps to contribute to easing the process for the user. It assures that the user will not have to impede any of his lined up schedules to make way for watermarking his PDF files. This tool commits itself to value all the customers’ trust and confidence in using the website.

Steps That Can Be Easily Understood

It provides steps that only amount up to four, two steps because the last step is merely an instruction for downloading, uploading, and sharing the newly-edited PDF file. The first step is to find the PDF file the user wished to put a watermark and click ok to put it to the system’s toolbox.

The user can opt to drag and drop the file to the toolbox if it is more comfortable. If you have not yet visited GogoPDF’s website while reading it, do not worry because the toolbox is easy to spot with its large size and violet color. After dropping the file on the toolbox, GogoPDF will scan the file before uploading it to the server.

Once the file is uploaded, the user can choose what watermark they want and how they want it to appear. Users can type the text for the watermark or find an image from their device or the net for an image watermark. If done with the changes they want for the final result, click the add watermark button.

The finalization would probably only take a few minutes to finish, and the watermarked PDF file will be ready for download. Users can share it immediately with a personalized message or copy the generated link, then pasting different messaging platforms. They can also upload it on their respective Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Reliable Features as Proof of its Commitment to the Users

The website only asks three sole users’ requirements to enable the speedy watermarked experience. It is first, a stable internet connection. The watermarking process will take place entirely online so the users would not have to install applications or software that will only consume space and sometimes are not safe for the device to install.

Second is the device. GogoPDF is compatible with all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also supports all popular online portals such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, so you can use any device as long as you can access the internet using it.

Third, the PDF file for the process. GogoPDF is equipped with its privacy policy that demands automatic deletion of all files uploaded on all its servers worldwide after an hour of inactivity of the user to protect its PDF file from data loss.

These features make a dependable online website together with the steps mentioned and explained above for the users to experience and appreciate freely. It also takes the website one step better than others in the market.


GogoPDF maintains its reputation for all its users by providing continuous service. You can have unlimited access to the website for free and watermark many of your PDF files to protect your precious ideas. Understandably, some ideas are important and rarely come, and GogoPDF is the best website to watch it for you.