This Valentine’s Day, parents of nine-year-olds are witnessing a new craze with Among Us Valentines Box products across the United States. Inspired by the online game that gained popularity during the pandemic, it has become a new theme for making Valentine’s boxes to distribute school candy among friends.

The whole process is fun and involves showing off your DIY skills using scraps to create an elegant Valentine’s Day box. Are you wondering how to create your favorite character theme, Valentine’s Box? Well, then keep reading below.

Materials needed to make a Valentine’s Day box among us

To create a Valentine’s box surrounding your favorite Among Us character, you need to have the following materials on hand. They include:

• Medium-sized cardboard box (you can take any delivery box)

• A small cardboard box (to be added as a backpack)

• Styrofoam cylinder

• Hot glue gun for sticking cardboard pieces together

• Glue sticks, Scissors

• Spray paint or acrylic paint

• Colorful cards to stick to the box

• Several brushes

• Pipe cleaner

You can also include some toilet papers, which is completely optional.

Steps to make a Valentine’s Day box

Now we come to the actual process of creating Among Us Valentines. Please follow the steps below:

• Take a medium-sized cardboard box and cover it with red card stock.

• Cut also a large piece of the polystyrene cylinder in half at the top of the box.

• Stick it to the top.

• Now cover the small box with paper of a similar color and glue it to the back of the larger box with a hot glue gun.

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• Now for the eyes, cut an oval paper and glue it to the darker paper.

• Stick it on the box.

• Make a small cut at the top of the box to add candy and money.

Now the Among Us Valentines packaging is ready. In addition to that, you can also choose to paint the entire box with acrylic paint or spray paint instead of covering it with Card Paper.

What is the game among us?

At this point, it is also worth mentioning the game Among Us, which caused so much madness in players.

Among Us is a social online multiplayer game set in the United States. It was released in 2018 and is available on iOS and Android platforms as well as Windows. Besides, it also allows players to play on different platforms between media. The player in the game is tasked with eliminating all cheaters from among the crew members. On the other hand, if the number of cheaters is equal to the crew members, the former win.

Conclusion – make an amazing DIY character box

Among Us Valentines Box is the perfect medium for kids to showcase their creativity with scraps and build a great box with Among Us characters. The process is easy and fun. Besides, it helps to build a favorite character among us with the help of DIY materials.

So, tell us who is your favorite character among us and did you enjoy creating the Valentine’s box?


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