Are you a fan of Among Us and the star packs? Fortnite is collaborating with Among Us to entertain players. Read the article below to learn more about how you can purchase the pack.

The most popular game, Among Us, has been voted the best and is still loved by many players. In the United States, politicians have even mentioned this game on their blogs. The sale has sparked excitement among players.

Let’s find out more about the collaboration. How to purchase Among Us Starspack? and its availability on Fortnite.

Description Of Among Us Game

Epic Game Store allows you to purchase the game. The Epic Game store released the game with an impressive imposter in order to draw players. Rumours have circulated that Fortnite and Among Us might form an alliance. Here are details about the newly-released back bling and Emotes.

  • Crewmate Back Bling: Players receive ten complimentary colours.
  • Distraction Emote. Players are entertained with a dance performance by Henry Stickman.

Your Amongst Us Star Pack is now available at a fair price. First, you need to have the Among Us Game from Epic Game Store. Without a star pack, you won’t be allowed to get back bling and emotion.

Epic gamers must purchase cosmetics at the Epic store. This is not possible for Fortnite. Players can enjoy the sale for a year. Players don’t have to hurry to get the opportunity. Fortnite Store can earn some cash next year until June 9,2023,11 ET. We have provided the price list for the purchase of the pack.

Among Us Stars Pack

Epic Game Developers revealed the official partner of both titles. Fortnite gamers can now be entertained by Among Us posters as they play. To be able to buy posters from Among Us, your Fortnite account must be verified.

Below is a detailed description of the price list for Among Us in Fortnite. Players must buy in dollar currency but the store offers $1.

  • One pack of 20 stars is $1.99 for players.
  • A 30-star pack can be bought for $2.99.
  • A pack of 50 stars can be bought for $4.99.

Players willing to purchase Among Us Stars for additional stars must pay more.

  • A pack of 110 stars is available for $9.99.
  • For $24.99. players can buy 300 stars in a pack.

If players aren’t interested in buying Among Us, then they can purchase the minimum pack for $1 and get cosmetics free of charge for crewmates.

The promotional video confirmed that Crewmate back-bling colours include pink, purple, orange, green, and blue.


In the Among Us Stars Pack we have provided details on pack values and ways to earn Fortnite stars. The new collaboration creates a new show for players.