Among Us Snitch Mod: Among Us is the popular online party game dedicated to deduction, designed with a werewolf inspiration. US gamers are now looking for an innovative way to combine them into one MOD version. After the Jester MOD is successfully added to the game, gamers are eagerly awaiting the next SNITCH MOD to create hype.

This is a new update for the game that changes several of the dynamics of the game. Crew members and cheaters will have further details available in the game. Gamers looking to improve their gaming experience must try the new Snitch MOD.

What is Among Us Snitch Mod?

The new Snitch MOD in the late game update Among Us adds new excitement and dynamics. After the last update, one crew member will be assigned to the SNITCH role and his / her job is to identify the cheaters when the last assignment is left.

This is helpful information for crew members when conducting emergency meetings. The scammers will also identify who the snitch in the game is. So the snitch player needs to complete the tasks quickly, avoiding cheaters and getting crew members to vote against cheaters.

The update is a bit different from other social deduction games, but will make the game more fun in the final moments. Gamers in the United States are excited to learn more about Among Us Snitch.

A guide to getting the Snitch mod in Among Us

Snitch MOD is not an official update, therefore players will not find it in the official or regular version of Among Us. So, players who want to enjoy the game with Snitch MOD need to identify and download the trustworthy version of the MOD online.

There are many sources from which you can download Snitch MOD for Among Us and you can download it and access a new role and enjoy the game in MOD version. However, you have to make sure the MOD is virus-free and reliable.

When downloading Snitch MOD, make sure you are not using it with the regular version of the game. This can lead to account lockup and frustration in between playing. Players must play Among Us Snitch Mod in the MOD version of Among Us to fully realize its potential.

Snitch MOD platform supports

Since Snitch MOD is only available in the MOD version of Among Us, it only supports the MOD version of Among US PC. Among Us was first available on Android and iOS. It was later released for Nintendo in December 2020, and will be available on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One after this year. Playing the MOD version on any of these platforms may lead to your account being banned.

As Among Us Snitch Mod is not an official update, it will not support or run on the official version. You need to download the MOD version of the game to enjoy the Among Us Snitch mod.


Snitch Mod for Among Us is a new MOD update available for the MOD Among Us version. The MOD changes a lot of dynamics in the game, for both crew members and cheats.

Have you tried the new MOD on your computer? Share your experience in the comments section.


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