Are you passionate about us players? Do you want to win the game among the role of US Phantom? Yes, it is possible in the new Phantom game introduced in the Multiplayer game, among us.

Phantom is a new role in the game, and each player can choose this role to secretly complete the tasks. However, some failures that will be discussed later are involved in the role.

Players in the United States are already enjoying a new gameplay and winning levels as phantom. Continue reading to learn more about the new game.

What is new among the role of phantoms in the US?

Phantom is a new figure in a popular multiplayer counting game, among us. He is the role of one of the members of the attachments in the team, and the character must complete the assigned task after killing.

Phantom must complete the assigned task to make level and win. However, the main task of the character is to keep a task without noticed and recognized by other guards in the team.

The phantom role is only activated when the crew rises between the game. So players must die to play between the American role of phantoms. After being a phantom in the game, they must perform tasks without die or caught by others.

If the phantom fails to complete the task and will be recognized by others, they turn into ghosts and die permanently in the game. The task will also be reset. Players in the United States enjoy a new role of phantom in the game.

How does Phantom’s role work?

The phantom role in the game is only activated after dying the crew. So every team member can activate and play as phantom in the game when he / she dies. Because among the American roles of phantoms is activated, the player launches restarting tasks and fills them secretly without catching by others.

The only trap associated with a new role is that if the figure of Phantom is caught by everyone, he / she is killed and turns into a spirit. The figure is constantly reduced from the game and the task will be reset.

But if the phantom finishes all tasks, wins the level of various prizes. The character must complete all tasks and click the “Emergency” button to finish the game and win the level.

What a phantom role in the game?

The role of Phantom must secretly fill the assigned tasks without noticed. After activating the role, players must play in a higher game, fill in all 4-5 tasks, press the emergency button to finish the game and win the level.

However, among the role of phantoms from the USA is very difficult to conduct. If someone notices a role and click it, the figure dies permanently and turns into a spirit.


A phantom role is a new integration in a popular social deduction game. Players enjoy the role and playing as a phantom.

However, players must first die to play as phantom in the game. Have you tried to play games like phantom? Share the views in this comment section among the American role of Phantom.