The Among Us official Costume article contains details about the merchandise of crewmates that was released by Innersloth during Halloween celebrations.

The Halloween season is full of surprises to offer children and adults in Christian-majority countries such as those in the United States, as it is the time of celebration for the Christian community that celebrates it by honoring the dead and martyrs for their sacrifices to improve the lives of humanity and society.

They celebrate by dressing in various costumes and lighting the bonfire.

The festival takes place each year on the 31st day of October. year. However, preparations for the celebrations began earlier and the Official Costume for Among Us The official costume for Among Usby Innersloth has begun this year.

About Among Us:

Among Us is a multiplayer game launched in the year 2018 by Innersloth It is available on all gaming platforms. Nintendo Switch is the latest platform that made the game available to their gaming customers, previously it was available to IOS, Windows, Android and PC.

The principal goal of the creator is to allow it to run on different platforms and enable players to enjoy inter-platform play. This can increase the number of players Among Us. It’s a game of social deduction game where players assume the role of the crewmate or an imposter.

Among Us Official Costume:

The game was not a huge success at the time of its launch in the beginning, but pandemics and streaming services like YouTube, Twitch and Tik Tok made it more popular by 2020. As of now, it has an active player base of 500 million and the active monthly players being about 250 million.

The increasing number of players has caused Innersloth to design its own merchandise for Halloween this year. Costumes can be purchased in the four different colors: black, red and yellow. They are available at prices ranging between $40 and $50.

Innersloth has created this costume in partnership with Toikido which is a toy-based business. The costumes were designed with in mind the teammates from the Among Us game and are accessible for both kids and adults.

Where to buy the Among Us Costume?

There is a huge selection of the Among Us official costumes in four different colors for both adults and children has been a massive success, and is currently being sold out on several marketplaces. The Innersloth representatives, in Twitter, informed that people to not be concerned about availability of costumes, as they are selling them through several other channels.

A few of the locations where you can purchase the costume are as follows:

  • The Amazon marketplace adult costumes are available for $49.99.
  • As per an official post customers can buy it at Walmart as well as HMV stores as well.
  • Party City and other multinational stores, operating worldwide.

among Us: Official Halloween Costumefor adults may be restricted for taller persons because its maximum length can be suitable for people with 5.9 inches tall.

The final verdict

The Halloween festival is a time when people share ghost stories and dress up in various costume. It is only 45 days away from the day of celebration, and Innersloth’s efforts in creating special costumes for the players and their families will enhance the enjoyment and enjoyment of the festival.

Costume buyers are able to leave their comments in the comment section, and share their thoughts regarding the costumes Us official Costume here.