Do you like playing online games? Yes, there must be someone you also love and enjoy playing when you’re slow or bored. Online games are becoming an integral part of our lives. From young children to the elderly, everyone loves this or that game.

Today we are talking about one popular online game among us very popular throughout the United States. The game developers launched Among Us Jester Mode to play the game with different themes.

What’s among us?

Among them is a game available on the internet platform, mainly similar to the traditional game of social deduction, the mafia. This game has the highest rated online gaming experience in the entire United States. The game was developed with the unique idea of ​​cheating and guessing. The players are divided into two groups; the larger group is given a task and finds the cheat in the game. The game is trendy. Please give us more information about the last mode update.

What’s our jester mode?

In Jester Mode, this is a custom game mode. One player is given the role of a jester and must be excluded to win the game. If you play the jester, you don’t need to be a crew member or a cheat in the game. You can guess that when your crew members consider you a cheat, you win the game and the cheater and all crew members will fail.

 The Jester Among Us mode makes players hesitate to vote anyone, as they can also be a jester, not a cheat. This mode made the game more exciting and fun. You get an easy option to win the game as a jester. It’s worth trying this mode once to make the game more interesting for you.

How to play Jester Mode?

Just knowing and getting the Jester Mode won’t help you win the games. You need to know how to play the jester among us mode to make the best of it to win the game. Once a player is assigned the role of a jester in the game, you must act with suspicion to become a cheater. the jester shouldn’t have too much suspicion. This could lead to your staying in the game.

Crew members will not vote. As a jester, you must do everything in your power to look innocent and suspicious at the same time. Otherwise, you can even get killed by a cheater and the game is over for you.

Final verdict

Completing your research on this game, a game mode recently appeared in the very popular game Among Us, we recommend that you try a game once in this jester mode among us to have a completely different experience.

It is recommended to download the mode from a legitimate website and update the game. Do not use third-party descriptions. They can damage your device and steal personal information.