This article gives you more information about the best retailer in the world – Amazon 27th anniversary and the deals it offers included in the article.

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon on 5th July 1994. In the days prior to the anniversary, Jeff announced that he was going to hand over his duties as Chief Executive Officer over to Andy Jassy on 5th July and then assume the position as Executive Chairman. Two milestones are to be reached on the 5th of July in 2021, Amazon’s anniversary was widely rumored throughout Canada in Canadaand the in the United States. Are you in search of a gift to celebrate Amazon’s birthday?

Let’s find out for what Amazon 27, the 27th anniversary 27th Anniversaryholds for its customers.

News about the anniversary on the web:

The hackers used the 27th anniversary to their advantage and took on a ruthless campaign. They spread fake news on social networks informing people that Amazon will be giving away free items to all attendees at the celebration.

  • Its website has been circulating these circulars since the month of May 2021 and
  • It saw 526,000 interactions on general messages and social media.
  • The website did, however, refer to the occasion as their 30th anniversary in their announcement.
  • We will examine the following text: “Amazon 30th anniversary celebrations-Free gifts for all from”.
  • The message included a hyperlink to a similar Amazon the 27th anniversary website.
  • It was believed by the users that this was a genuine site.
  • The survey participants were given free items such as the Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G in exchange for taking the survey.
  • The website’s message read: “Congratulations, you are selected to participate to the online survey. You will be awarded a wonderful prize: a Huawei-Mate 40 Pro. It will only take 1 moment.”
  • The survey asked users were asked to answer several questions to help increase the standard of the service provided by Amazon.
  • The questions revolved around the individual’s gender, age the phone’s owner, as well as the the quality of Amazon’sAmazon’s services.
  • When the user was done with their Amazon 27th anniversary surveysurvey Nine boxes were displayed on the screen and the user was required pick one of nine.
  • The website stated that the gift for free was contained in some of these boxes.
  • When you click the box, the site felicitates the user as an award-winning winner.
  • This website DEMANDED that in order to receive that gift recipient must forward the message to at minimum five Groups (or) to TWO FRIENDS.

Note for official promotions and other events, go to on the Facebook official page for Amazon.

How to stay away from frauds like Amazon the 27th anniversary?

  • Verify that the website you’re visiting is legitimate and that the URL for the website is accurate. For instance the anniversary message on the Amazon website listed as Amazonsocn.
  • A lot of social media applications such as WhatsApp will mark the message as FORWARDED MANY TIME. This means that the message has been widely shared across multiple groups (or) the individual user.
  • If you’re navigating to a website, make sure whether the URL has HTTPS, not only HTTP. The S symbol in the URL means secure. Websites that do not have HTTP can be dangerous.


Amazon 27th anniversary didn’t announce any giveaways on their site, Amazon verified channels, and also via their official email to customers. In July of 2021, Amazon held an Prime Day event with exciting discounts, cashback, gift cards and more. Amazon will not be able to provide Huawei smartphones to every one of of its customers, and clearly, nobody was given the phones.

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