Strategically located as a coastal city on the northernmost part of the Mediterranean sea, Budva has brought its country into the limelight with its influence on world tourism. 

Of the many things you get to enjoy in this small city in the Balkan region, relaxation, relief, and enjoyment are some of the most entertaining perks, and what better way to get in than through bars, clubs, and eateries. 

  No other destination place in Montenegro beats Budva city, and it houses some of the most exciting lodging centers in the country. Hotel booking in this region is also easier than in most other areas in the world.


Historically, there are a few towns in the peninsula with a history as rich, city as fortified, and walls as long as Budva. As a strategic town, its coastal presence makes it attractive for locals and tourists. The peninsula is also surrounded by different islands and bays. 

Looking at what makes this area attractive is not a difficult task. The coastal region spans over 20 kilometers and has 16 distinct beaches. Add this to its Mediterranean climate, and you understand why tourists flock into this area in their hundreds and thousands. Everyone wants to have a feel of hot summers and cool winters around the beach. 

Brief Historical background Of Budva

One of the things this area is known for is its rich architecture. Before its architectural uniqueness, though, there are archeological proofs that show that Budva hosted some of the earliest men. Records indicate that over 5000 years before the birth of Christ, human life had existed on this beach. It had its fair share of outside colonization as the Greeks, Serbians, Habsburgs, Byzantines, and the Romans have taken turns in imposing their way of life upon them. 

Apart from the Greek empire, the Romans were the other sect to rule Budva. Montenegro where Budva is located, was carved out of past-day Yugoslavia, and this propelled Budva to grow into a popular tourism spot. 

Now, the cultural terrains of Budva are extremely mixed. While the influence of its former colonial masters has not dwindled a bit, Turkish, Austrian, and American influences have also been seen in this area. This has helped improve its architectural terrain and political inclinations. 

Since the early 1930s, this city has been known to be a good relaxation spot because of its mouth-watering beaches and interconnected bay. First, rich Czechs were the first to come to this spot to relax and get a whim of its air, and since then, over 600,000 tourists have been recorded per year, and about 1,800 visitors every day. Although this figure is impressive, it only accounts for 44% of all tourist counts in Montenegro. 

Although there are other popular spots in Montenegro like Dubrovnik, none of these places match up to Budva in terms of nightlife and party time. 

Few things to enjoy in Budva

Stari Grad

Why will you visit Budva without seeing this popular zone? Well, probably if you don’t fancy relaxation and calm appeal. 

Translated as ‘old town,’ this area is one vantage spot through which the whole city of Budv can be viewed from. It is packed to the full every time of the day, and its sightseeing positioning is second to none. This town has historical buildings and beautiful architecture, seen in structures like the citadel and many other churches. Visiting the city is a thrill to behold. 

City Museum

There is no better place to understand the rich history of this amazing land than the museum. This three-storey building packs the history of this city into artifacts and exhibits, making visual understanding of the history possible.  

Beach Life 

There is no activity done as much as going to the shores here. It hosts almost two dozen beaches, and it is a top coastal destination around the world.

The beaches are always busy, and in summer, you get to see sunbathers during the day and young, well-shaped ladies and their rich partners at night. Yachts are common here and act as a subtle means to show off abudance. Most times, Russians are some of the popular people here in summer, and closely followed by Ukranians. In case you seek somewhere to party all day long, Budva beach is your go-to place. 

Outdoor Adventures

Like its sister cities, one can engage in many outdoor activities in Budva. Cycling, rafting, and hiking are a few of these adventures, and who knows, you can invent your own fun activity here. 

Although it is known for seaside activities, it does not exclude the city from many in-land adventures. 

If you are tired of the beach scenery, you can enjoy the area’s natural landscape. You can enjoy the renowned spot for paragliding near the Brajici hills. 

Sveti Nikola  

Sveti Nikola, a little island off the coast of Budva, is only a kilometer away from the ocean area. The land rises up around 36 meters above its surrounding water, and on the other end of the Sveti Nikola, you can enjoy the sight of beautiful, sandy beaches. 

When here, your next-door neighbors will be deers. You don’t need to be scared or worried; they are full-time residents here. You also get to see man-made facilities here, and from, you can book a comfortable room in some of Budva’s best hotels