When Friday rolls around, many people’s default activity is to invite a few friends for a drink. Whether that’s at the pub, at a restaurant, or at a party, it seems like the perfect way to end a stressful week at work. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a typical Friday night activity, it can be refreshing and exciting to introduce something new into your social calendar. So here are some ideas for alternative Friday night antics that all your friends can enjoy. 

  • Craft Night

This one’s for the creatives out there. Invest in all the craft equipment you need, and invite friends over to your living room to get messy and creative with paints, glue, and all manner of craft equipment. Make sure you have plenty of newspaper or sheets to cover the floor and any furniture you’re worried might get damaged in the crafting process. Crafting presents you and your friends with an intimate, home-based experience that they might rarely indulge in. You can of course play music and serve food to make an entire evening out of your crafting plan. 

  • Escape Rooms

A fun, exciting and engaging experience offered in most major cities, escape rooms have taken the world by storm in recent years. Now they’ve become even more complex and varied – making use of the best technology in the world to give fans unique experiences. If you’re interested in introducing your friends to escape rooms, do check out the Best VR Escape Rooms for inspiration and options. These combine all the best aspects of an escape room – puzzles and riddles – with virtual realities in which you battle a zombie hoard or explore a fantasy kingdom. Memorable and hilarious, escape rooms are a wonderful Friday night option.

  • Historic Walks

Are you a history buff? Do you think your friends would enjoy learning a little about the town or city in which you all live? Then organizing a history walk might be just the entertainment you need next Friday night. Whether you choose to hire a professional history tour guide, or you plan the route yourself as your group’s guide, make sure you pick something that all your friends will enjoy. In London, that might be a horror tour of Jack the Ripper’s murder sites, for instance. Walking is particularly pleasurable on Friday nights in the summer, when the weather’s comfortable.

  • Murder Mysteries

Downloaded from the internet, murder mysteries are a lot of fun for groups of friends. You’ll all assume a certain persona, dictated by a player card that you receive during the week. Your friends will need to dress up as that character, giving the evening a fancy dress element. Then you’ll assume character roles on the Friday night to work out who was the murderer in a particular mystery. There are all kinds of themes – from Sherlock Holmes to alien invaders – to keep this a fresh and exciting activity on multiple Friday nights with friends. 

Enjoy an alternative Friday night in the coming weeks by using the above options as inspiration for your group of friends to do something a little different with their time off work.