Another day with an additional Wordle answer. Have you attempted to figure the five lettered words to Wordle 339? Are you scouring the internet for assistance for solving your puzzle? You are at the right place to assist you in solving the code.

Wordle has a massive following across America. United States. Wordle has gained a lot of international fame, which can cause addiction to players. In this piece, we’ll attempt to find the answer using the aid of clues provided, which may be similar in relation to Almug definition.

Wordle 338 Answer and clues

The solution of the question is more difficult and involves a bit of brain-twisting. Let’s find the answer using the clues above, and nowhere else is the answer to Wordle 339 “ALBUM”. Almug could be the term that is closest to the guess but not the album. Almug’s meaning is the word used in the Bible to make musical instruments during the time of Solomon.

Participants are trying to match the word by comparing it to the other words they’ve got. It is a bit disappointing for the players to see grey-colored boxes across the boxes. Let me assist you with some suggestions as listed below. This is the definition of Almug Definition is discussed in the previous paragraph.

Here are the clues to Wordle 339;

  • The five lettered word is a combination of “M”.
  • The word is composed of the vowel letter ‘V’.
  • The word begins with the letter A.
  • Nouns are a part of the English language, and is associated with sourcesbook or music storage.

What is the meaning of this word? Maybe almud, or perhaps almug? The word is used everywhere by online players.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word-based game which can be guessed from the game’s title. Wordle can be played online developed in the New York Times. The game brings a lot of fun for word-lovers who are trying to find the correct word.

Almug Definedis one of the words used by players to solve yesterday’s puzzle. Josh Wardle develops the game and every new puzzle will be revealed at midnight.

How do I use the word game Wordle?

Let’s get acquainted with the rules of Wordle gameplay.

  • You must fill in five letters within the box to solve the puzzle.
  • The game permits only six times to figure out the correct answer.
  • There is a change in the colour of the box for every guess.
  • The green color is a that it is the correct guess, while the yellow colour is correct but it’s not in the right place while the grey colour gives a wrong guess of the probability of many people trying to solve yesterday’s puzzle.

A spinoff of the Almug’s definition of Wordle game

There are numerous games on an online platform that are based on Wordle game. Let me introduce you to another Wordle game called Spelling Bee.

Spelling Bee: The player gets six chances to make guesses on five letters of words. The puzzle appears hexagonal like it were a beehive. The game was also released through New York Times.


We’ve provided the clues for the Wordle 339 solution. Try to solve the puzzle with the help of the information within this article. We’ve provided you with the rules for the Wordle game.