When it comes to complex flooring, parquet reigns perfect. Constructed from small portions of hardwood geared up collectively in geometric patterns, parquet floors add a dramatic layout element to any room. In the USA, parquet peaked in the Nineteen Sixties and then, as with many increased traits, called for slow.

However, parquet floors have proven signs of a comeback due to new production techniques that provide consumers with a wider variety of timber species and motifs. So preserve studying to learn about the parquet professionals and cons, charges, installation, and renovation to determine if this formidable announcement underfoot is proper for you.

What are Parquet floors?

Parquet arrives from the French term “parquetry,” meaning “small chamber.” It developed in France in the 17th Century, wherein artisans created elaborate designs by reducing and becoming small geometric pieces of wood together, one after the other, and then gluing them to the ground. Because of the talent and time needed, parquet flooring has been started in the province of wealthy families and public homes.

Possibilities and costs

While artisans can still piece a custom parquet floor and carpets in dubai collectively, most current parquet flooring arrives in just tiles, featuring stripes of hardwood related to a mesh or thin plywood floor.

Custom parquet is hardly ever discovered in residential homes nowadays as it still requires, in my opinion, reducing wood portions and assembling them in a puzzle-like fashion to shape mosaics, mandalas, and other problematic designs. The few corporations specializing in custom parquet charge $20 to $45 in keeping with square feet or more, depending on the complexity.


Parquet flooring in dubai is the choice product for houses today—and they’re do-it-yourself-friendly. A collection of hardwoods consisting of oak, chestnut, ash, and walnut are prevalent in those tiles, and you can additionally find a few incredible timber species and bamboo. Parquet floors tiles promote using the carton in nine-inch, 12-inch, and 18-inch squares. While installed using a homeowner, parquet flooring runs $three to $five in line with square foot. Professional setup of parquet tiles will boost the cost to around $7 to $10 in line with rectangular feet.

Parquet execs and Cons

Before supporting the period and money in parquet floors, cautiously recollect this feature ground’s tremendous and harmful elements.


  • Range, with dozens of complicated styles to be had.
  • The warm appeal of actual wood.
  • It should not be set up below grade (in basements) and not appropriate for excessive humidity regions, either, along with bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • Discover certified floor specialists in your area, and get loose, no-commitment estimates for your assignment.

Installation guidelines

If you’re looking for expert guidance on the intricate process, consider seeking advice on the installation of parquet flooring from specialists who have a proven track record. Still, whether or not you pick out to go with a seasoned or tackle the task yourself, the following suggestions will give you an idea of what’s concerned. Remember that manufacturer specs vary, so continually follow the instructions enclosed in the carton of parquet floor tiles.

Prep for set up.

 Parquet floors need to be established on a solid substrate and a strong subfloor. The substrate has to be dry and stale. Do away with baseboards before installation.

Permit it to acclimate. 

Parquet is the actual wood and desires to adjust to the room where it would like to be laid to lessen the hazard of gaps growing later among the strips. The standard acclimation time for hardwood is two weeks. Honestly, set the cartons within the room; I want to take the tiles out. The wooden strips may additionally circulate imperceptibly at some stage as they adjust to temperature and humidity.

Figure your layout carefully.

 Parquet tile designs repeat with every subsequent tile, and if the rows are not ideally directly or now not aligned precisely with the walls, the result can be amateurish. No longer all rooms are perfectly square, and you’ll need to pay attention when developing a layout. Tiles include precise commands on the way to create a ground layout and follow these directions to the letter for expert searching effects.

Use the advocated substances and equipment.

 The encouraging tools and materials are designed to present you with pleasant effects, so don’t just wing it with what’s handy. No longer can the form of adhesive range depending on the tile brand, the manufacturer will often propose a trowel with particular length notches.

At the same time, as it’s a widespread practice to cut different types of wooden floors with a circular notice, parquet regularly comes with small wires embedded within the timber strips. These wires can get tangled inside the spinning blade of a circular notice, growing a chance, ruining the tile, and probably damaging the information. The up-and-down movement cuts right via the wooden and wire without issues.

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