Undoubtedly Switzerland is top on the list of preferences when someone plans their tourism. You will find a wide range of places in Switzerland which is highly eye-catching for you. Today we will talk about the two famous cities of Switzerland, Luzern and Basel, and mention some activities and places you can enjoy during your visit. Basel is a traditional Swiss city near France and Germany’s border. There is a huge number of activities you can perform there. On the other hand, Luzern is highly rich in natural beauty. Also, historical places like a castle, famous clocks, and chocolate factories are present. This post discusses all you need to know about tourism and sex in Luzern and sex in Basel.

Things to do in Basel:

Basel Altstadt:

The simplest thing you should do is visit this 15th-century old town. The architecture of the building around you are highly attractive and declare this town one of the best places to visit in Europe. 

Vitra Design Museum:

The beauty of this museum is equal from inside to outside. It is 45 minutes from the city center if you take public transport. The research and tradition increase the beauty of this museum on a big scale. The building was also designed by very famous personality Frank Gehry.

Spalentor Medieval Gate:

If you are a historian and a history lover, you should be interested in a Medieval gate visit. It was a part of fortified walls in the past and present around the city. It is located near Basel’s old town and reflects the beauty in the form of a Tower.

Things to do in Luzern:


Mount Pilatus:

You can never underestimate the 2128 m mountain in the South. This mountain peak is also named dragon mountain, leading to a medieval legend story. The trip to the top is wonderful but also hard for many individuals.

Old Town:

The tall painted houses followed by the series of shops in the street give you a wonderful experience. You can find that paint on those old down houses is a big source of attraction. This place is free of traffic and has a good space for walking and horse riding. 

Lake Luzern:

It is also known as the  Lake of four cantons with a wonderful water reflection. The lake is distributed with four arms which lead to mountains. The early 20th-century paddle streamer is also there for more fun.

Conclusion:Since we all know that there are a lot of amazing places to visit in Switzerland, the Luzern and Basel cities are also more attractive locations for tourists. Therefore, this article discusses everything you need to know about Luzern and Basil. We shortlist some of the best places in both cities for you. You can visit an old town to enjoy peak houses along with redsite.de. Also, Luzern Lake is another favorite place to visit. Vitra museum is also another sign of traditional beauty and modern science. If you are a historian, then you must visit a Medieval gate.