The world has become so diverse that there is always something interesting going on at someplace. Among all the things that are happening anywhere in the world, US politics always tends to be in the center. Right now a person named Elaine Chao is trending on the internet. In this article, technologywolf will try to decipher the reasons why so many people are searching for information about her.

A brief introduction to Elaine Chao

Elaine Chao was born on March 26, 1953. She was born in Taipei in Taiwan. Her father then settled in the US started a company called the Foremost Group. Later on, this company emerges as one of the biggest shipping corporations in the United States. As Chao was raised in New York City, she was able to receive her degrees from the Harvard University and Mount Holyoke College very conveniently. Before making her way into politics, she worked in a lot of big financial institutions.

Elaine Chao’s career before coming into the politics

After completing her studies, she started working in several financial institutions like Bank of America, Citicorp, etc. During those years, she worked as vice president in the Bank of America for syndications. She also has been an international banker in New York at Citicorp. After that, she was able to get the White House Fellowship in 1983 when Reagan was the president of the United States.

The political career of Elaine Chao

Her political career began when she got the position of Deputy Administrator for the Maritime Administration in 1986. The Maritime Administration falls under the Department of Transportation in the US Administration. Elaine Chao has also served in the Federal Maritime Commission, Department for Peace corps, etc.

When George H W Bush was elected the President of the United States, she got the position of CEO of the United Way of America. Her work at this position in this department is said to be remarkable.

During the period of 2001-2009 when George W Bush was the president of the United States, Chao was also in the administration. In fact, she was the only person to serve as a cabinet member for 8 straight years. Throughout these years, she worked as the U.S. Secretary of Labour.

But when she was working in this position, there were several controversies. A lot of people and the press claimed that the Labor Administration did not notice the important aspects related to wage and workplace safety issues.

Why is she in such a discussion right now?

Now, we have arrived at the most important part of the article. She was also serving as the secretary of transportation in the Trump administration. An investigation was initiated in 2019 against her that found some shocking results. It was found that she was using her staff members for personal works like editing the Wikipedia page for her father or mailing the Christmas ornaments to her family members. This kind of things has put her in the limelight nowadays.

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