In recent years, we’ve seen several technological advances. With mobile phones replacing books, payphones and GPS tracking devices, it only seems fit that paper-back menus have been switched out with digital, QR code menus.

The possibilities that digital menus have are next to a million. However, in this quick overview, we’ve only been able to round up a few of the possible applications. Let’s dive right in!

In Restaurants

We’ll start with the most obvious option – which is restaurants!

You can place a QR code menu on tabletops where customers can find it quickly and can also use it using their mobile devices. Suppose you’re running a self-service chain restaurant. In that case, a digital menu is excellent for ordering and eliminates the hassle of waiting in long lines. Moreover, with in-built features such as direct notifications, you can update customers on the status of their orders.

In Cafes and Cocktail Bars

A digital menu is also a great addition to coffee houses, cafes and cocktail bars. Customers can directly access the menu, offers and other specialities by scanning the QR code.

It’s also a great way to get people to appreciate coffee and cocktails more. Usually, due to the constant rush, people are forced into ordering their usuals. Moreover, since service employees are especially busy during peak times, they’re unable to point out different possibilities, such as an apple strudel with a shot of espresso.

In addition, scanning QR codes ensure you never miss a sale since customers have the freedom to place an order themselves!

In Hotels

You might not have considered this, but digital menu cards are a great initiative, especially for the hotel industry. Whether ordering food and drinks or requesting housekeeping, digital QR code menus substitute TV displays, tablets and other hardware installations.

Moreover, areas such as the terrace, veranda, tennis court or swimming pool often have poor service, which causes customers great inconvenience. To tackle these issues, you can place digital menus which allow them to order cocktails or water despite service issues.

Rent Outs and Air BnB Apartments

With the increase in the trend of renting out places for the weekend with friends and family, QR codes could potentially play a huge role in the growth of the rent out the market.

If, for example, you’ve partnered with external businesses and companies, you can provide customers renting your property with these services. This can include ordering a breakfast buffet, booking movie tickets or even ordering a cab. This provides you with a chance to strengthen not only ties with third-party service providers but also provide customers with an unforgettable experience! Which ensures they’ll be back for more!