As a healthcare provider, you have to juggle numerous tasks on a daily basis. Making time for meaningful patient interaction and staying on top of their needs is an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, ChartLogic medical software offers fast note-taking functionalities with the ability to cater different professional preferences and medical specialties. The software strikes a rare balance between functionality and ease of use, making it a perfect choice for practices struggling to deliver the best possible quality of patient care.

ChartLogic EMR software – An overview

One of the best in its industry, ChartLogic EHR software is designedto support easy and efficient documentation of patient information. This medical software solution is ideal for healthcare practices of all sizes, and is priced at the lower end of the electronic medical records software pricing spectrum. It is in compliance with HIPAA, maintains ONC-ATCB, and is in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Key features of this EMR software include custom templates, voice dictation, dashboards, labs, electronic prescribing, and much more. The EHR platform also supports seamless integration with other solutions offered by the vendor, including practice management system, revenue cycle management solution, and patient portal technologies.

Top ChartLogic EHR features you need to know about

We have tracked down the top ChartLogic EHR features that users find the most useful and time-saving. Here’s what they chose and why:

  1. Simple user interface

ChartLogic EMR effortlessly automates the day-to-day time-consuming tasks. The software allows you to copy forward the previous patient notes instead of retyping them. You can easily modify the copied notes to conform to patient changes and make instant updates. In addition to this, it comes with a variety of templates, which you can easily customize to streamline the patient charting process. The software also includes options for patient information searches, making everything easier to navigate. All in all, it simplifies most of your daily administrative, clinical, and financial processes.

  1. Built in voice recognition

The software’s voice-to-text ability makes it easier for providers to comprehensively document patient encounters. This becomes significantly faster than typing or writing notes. This Dragon speech functionality is easy-to-use, most of the users don’t even need any outside guidance. You no longer have to indulge in any futile or tricky communication with different software providers. ChartLogic software provides reliable support and high usability.

  1. Electronic prescribing

Another highly appreciated aspect of this EMR system is its electronic prescribing feature. ChartLogic EHR reviews vouch for the fact that it enables providers to securely prescribe medications and avoid unwanted drug interactions. You can easily send a patient’s medication orders electronically to the pharmacy for processing, adjustment, or pick up. The software cross checks a patient’s medication history and notifies users in case of any drug-to-drug interactions.

This electronic health recording platform makes electronic prescription of medications safer and more accessible for everyone. It is EPCS (Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances) approved and helps providers improve the quality of patient care. Overall, this feature helps you improve patient safety and makes sure that the prescriptions are delivered to the right patients. You can also book a ChartLogic EHR demo to try out this feature in real-time.

  1. Flexibility

One of the most lauded aspects of the EMR system is without a doubt the level of flexibility it offers. For example, it allows healthcare providers to build their own templates and format the documents to meet the unique requirements of your practice. The software adjusts intuitively and lets you incorporate bullets, paragraphs, or quotes. Even while performing physical exams, healthcare experts can free type or use dragon voice-to-text feature rather than clicking on various options to complete patient charting. This feature alone makes the ChartLogic EHR pricing worth it.

  1. Labs module

The software’s lab module allows healthcare professionals to process lab orders, create test groups for common tests, view results, and create reports in a centralized location. It supports integration with Change Healthcare’s Clinical Network to let this lab module connect doctors with labs all across the nation. This reduces management issues and eliminates the need for labor intensive point-to-point interfaces. You can also schedule a ChartLogic demo to evaluate this feature in real-time.

Overview of ChartLogic EMR benefits

  • The software features a user-friendly dashboard that displays all relevant healthcare information on one screen. There are physician to-do lists, patient scheduling tools, and Active Care features.
  • ChartLogic EHR reviews suggest that the software enables users to improve workflow efficiency by cutting down on bottlenecks and staying on top of patient needs. This way you can increase patient traffic and generate substantial revenue streams.
  • The software is easy-to-use and has small resource requirements. You don’t have to waste your time using a clunky piece of software. It offers a number of data entry options, but the one that users love the most is its voice-to-text dragon speech feature.
  • It maintains compliance with various patient information security measures like HIPAA and ONC-ATCB.
  • This electronic medical records software supports interoperability by physicians to share patient information across different systems and practices. It creates records that are specifically encrypted for clinicians and their practice staff.
  • The powerful electronic health recording solution enables users to accomplish a variety of tasks without using any additional software like documentation software or speech-to-text. .
  • Its note and template builder considers the documentation needs of a users while being easy-to-use and completely customizable.

Wrapping up

The ChartLogic software solution offers an excellent electronic medical records software to help users improve operational efficiency and deliver the best possible quality of patient care. This cloud-based system is a one-stop-shop solution for all your practice woes. You can easily choose the software’s features and pricing plans according to your unique requirements. In the end, we recommend reading as many ChartLogic HER reviews as possible to check whether the system matches your requirements.