If there’s one food that’s truly associated with luxury, which is caviar. This delicacy sturgeon roe is rare and expensive and is a coveted item in the culinary world. It is comes from several species of sturgeon. But beluga caviar is the largest, rarest and most expensive caviar.  Longino online started its business by importing fresh caviar from Iran.

Where did the caviar come from?

The name “caviar” originates from the Persian word “khâvyâr” literally “to spawn.” Not all fish roe are suitable for caviar. There is only one family of fish that can produce eggs suitable for making caviar.

Caviar is a family of 27 fish species found in Asia, Europe and North America. However, of these 27 species, only a small number spawn correctly to produce the famous caviar. 

Caviar is a treasure trove of nutrients:

Caviar gives B12. One mouthful of caviar provides enough vitamin B12 for two days. Caviar contains many vitamins and minerals. Cooking tends to remove most nutrients from food. But because caviar is eaten raw, you will absorb everything that contains caviar.

Caviar is rich in vitamins A, B12, C and D, which are important for health. It also contains high amounts of magnesium, iron and calcium, essential for many organ systems. In normal operation, Healthy fatty acids like omega-3s are also part of the package.

Longino and Cardenal:

Today, Longino & Cardenal is one of Italy’s main “gourmet travellers” with passion and courage. The company is constantly searching for the best raw materials like caviar which is often little known to meet the behaviour of modern consumers who seek excellent products in new innovative ways.

Rare and precious food:

Longino online offers excellent products for everyone, from restaurants and hotels to food connoisseurs, in Longino stores aimed at the end consumer or professional. You will find rare cuisines searched all over the world with dedication and passion. Product quality and uncompromising manufacturing are just some of the principles behind the great deals you will find online. You will have the opportunity to taste the most delicious products in the world.

Longino & Cardenal food catalog:

You can purchase part of the Longino & Cardenal catalogue online. No matter what type of customer, the Longino catalogue will be able to meet every need. With over 100 categories to choose from, more than 2,000 products are carefully selected to meet your desire for innovation and experimentation in the kitchen through excellence. Contact Longino to get the full catalogue and all product details.

Online ordering is convenient:

Buying caviar online saves costs and time, but this can prevent you from buying the best caviar. The quality of caviar is not always constant, even in cans of the same set. One may be excellent, while the rest are not equal. So the only sure way is to taste the samples you want to buy, which you cannot do when ordering online. Therefore, only use online shopping as your last resort. In this case, you should choose a trusted store like Longino to increase your chances of finding good caviar.