If you have a love for sports and enjoying running and participating in one, you should always invest in good pair of sports shoes. Well, saying so, there are so many reputed sports brands like Nike, Puma, Lotto, Adidas, and others, that make some of the best sports shoes, but buying branded sports shoes has very little to do with the brand. It has more to do with the fit, comfort, and safety of your feet.

Most of us do not take much care of our running shoes and sports shoes. But, if you do not pay timely attention and care about what you are buying, you may land up buying the wrong pair of shoes, which may further lead to damage to your feet and injuries.

Let’s see what are the things that you should consider before buying your next pair of men’s basketball shoes.

  1. Thegrip:

You would not slip or trip while you are engaged in your favorite sports? It is why, the first thing to consider selecting the best for of spots shoes of men’s casual sneakers, is the grip of the shoes. A well-designed and good pair of shoes will confidently allow you to change speed and that too without you even feeling the jerk.

  1. The fit:

The fit of your shoes holds a lot of importance in providing you with the much-needed comfort, and, safety. Follow the toe rule. According to the shoe buying guide, there should always be a gap of one to half an inch between the biggest toes and the front of your shoes. This is important for the wiggling space.

  1. The cushioning:

The insole cushioning of a sports shoe is very important. According to studies conducted on the subject, if your shoe cushioning is not right, it may lead to some serious lower back injuries, and the transmission of the shocks will transmit to the joints.

But you must also be wary of fact that super soft cushions don’t mean that the shoe is perfect. To be on the safer side, buy branded sports shoes that have insoles made of memory foam. Also, the second option is to buy insoles extra and put them inside the shoes for better comfort and protection.

  1. The weight:

By weight, it means your weight and the weight of the shoes. Lighter shoes are always better for better strides. Also, the weight of men’s basketball shoes depends upon the frequency you run and how long you run. The longer you are engaging in sports activities the lighter your sports shoes should be.

V. The color of the sole:

Yes, you read it right! There are generally soles of two colors – black and white, and both are differently made and have different implications. Black soles are carbon-based and are harder than the two. Black soles are good when you run on roads or harder surfaces. On the contrary, white soles are made of blown rubber and are much softer and agile. These soles are much better when you run on tracks that are padded or on the treadmill.

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So, the above are the aspects that you should consider before you go ahead and purchase men’s casual sneakers or any sports shoes for yourself. Also, here are some questions that you must ask yourself before buying the best pair of banded sports shoes next time:

  1. Are the current shoes you are wearing comfortable, loose, or tight?

This is important because the dynamics of your feet change when you perform sports or run. Blood flow to your feet increases and the feet swell. Therefore, the new shoe size you choose, shoes make you feel comfortable while you are performing.

  • What is the kind of terrain that you run?

Picking up the right shoes according to the terrain is very important. All tracks and places are not equal. Your feet and joints receive more shocks when you run on tracks and roads as compared to running on the treadmill or grass. Picking the right sole type of importance in keeping the health of your feet and joints good, and avoid any chances of injuries.

  • Do you have any muscle injuries or injuries?

After an injury, your old pair of sports shoes might not be good enough to support your feet. Pick the one that provides more cushioning, and also the shoes should not press hard on your injured or softer spot.

A suitable pair of branded sports shoes is a must, regardless of what your fitness regime is. As there are certain things that you should look at before buying a pair of branded sports shoes and running shoes, there are things that you must avoid also like:

  • Too much cushioning in your shoes
  • Cushioning that is higher by the heel and lower by the toes
  • If there are additional inserts for arch support, and
  • Cushioning that seems to be too softer