Daily Mail India : All other labor laws have been postponed for three years, except for the three ordinances, such as the removal of those who are employed with the contract, the accident of on-the-job and timely pay.

Uttar Pradesh Government

The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh has passed an ordinance and decided to suspend all labor laws in the state for the next three years. The government has done this to boost economic activity in the state and woo companies. The Yogi government believes that it will help in dealing with the adverse effect on the economic activities in the province due to the Corona crisis. In a meeting chaired by CM Yogi Adityanath, the ‘Ordinance of Temporary Exemption from Certain Labor Laws in Uttar Pradesh, 2020’ was passed. Has been given. Now this ordinance has been sent to Governor Anandiben Patel for approval.

The ordinance has postponed all other labor laws for three years, except for three rules such as removal of people who are contractually employed, victims of on-the-job accident and timely pay. The statement issued by the UP government said that business activities had come to a complete standstill due to the nationwide lockdown implemented to deal with Corona.

Ordinance by Shivraj Singh Chauhan

In such a situation, this ordinance has been brought to give them momentum. Workers’ rights have also been affected by the Corona crisis. In such a situation, such an ordinance will also protect their interests. Before Uttar Pradesh, even in the BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh, an ordinance has been passed allowing companies to hire and fire companies. The ordinance was passed in a meeting chaired by Shivraj Singh Chauhan in the state on Wednesday.


After passing this ordinance, the Yogi government stated that for inviting new investment in the state, setting up of industrial establishments, it was necessary that the companies be temporarily given some exemption from the labor laws in force in the state. It has been decided to keep labor laws postponed for the next three years. This ordinance has been passed for this only.