These acrylic enchant keychains have been a genuine hit! Acrylic charms comprise possibly one layer of the acrylic board with an epoxy-shrouded picture on top or on base if you favor the acrylic layer over the front and epoxy on the back or two layers of the board with the picture in the middle between. The actual picture can be uneven or two-sided.

An illustration of clear printing. This is an acrylic pin, which is another cool thing we can do with this assembling system. The picture can be dark or clear, and the acrylic can have one of a few holographic shimmer impacts. We could do sparkle epoxy on the single-board ones!

A twofold-sided print, single-board pin with sparkle epoxy on the front and shard-holo acrylic on the back. The rainbow-slope picture complements the radiant shimmer. The equipment comes in a few assortments, including the consistently well-known heart and star molded rings.

Acrylic charm is perfect for craftsmanship that could incorporate little subtleties, angles, shadows, surfaces, or different components that don’t function admirably in lacquer pins. We can utilize vector or raster records. For the best outcomes, we suggest working at a pleasant enormous record size with a high goal to go for the gold two times the size of the completed keychain. Most record types are alright including png(best assuming that you want clear regions), jpeg, PSD, vector computer-based intelligence or pdf, and so forth. All workmanship will be switched over completely to CMYK for printing.

Need to investigate? Snatch one of our acrylics fascinates test packs.

If you might want to keep a region as clear plastic, simply leave it clear in your fine art. If you might want to utilize a clear tone, kindly ensure it is on its layer, or on the other hand assuming sending a vector record, kindly let us in on which variety you might want to be clear.


The thickness of 4mm thick holographic acrylic charms, accessible in two light-diffracting holographic impacts, adds development to your acrylic charms. Holographic charms are developed from two layers of clear 2mm thick acrylic, giving a general appeal thickness of 4mm.

The printed components of your charms are sandwiched between the 2 sheets of acrylic for added toughness, with the holographic impact noticeable on the side of r completed appeal.

The holographic material is straightforward yet can dull side An of your printed plans somewhat when contrasted with side B.

As such we generally prescribe utilizing our single amount choice to buy tests of your plans preceding submitting a full request. This will permit you to check how the holographic completion looks against your work of art.

Our unmistakable acrylic charms are produced using 100 percent reused acrylics that were bound for landfill and cremation, making them ideal for making your scope of irreproachable, Eco-accommodating products.

Reused acrylic (R-MMA) looks and proceeds as well as standard virgin acrylic (PMMA) while being VOC and HFC free and altogether kinder to the climate. 3mm thick clear acrylic charms. Carefully imprinted in full tone, with single and twofold-sided printing choices, and slice to anything that shape you like.

Look over a matte, gleam, pitch, or sparkle sap finish and add bounce rings utilizing the accessible choices.