The Land Day protests are part of an ongoing Palestinian demonstrations which began in 2014. This year’s event saw 168 people killed and thousands more injured after Israeli troops opened fire on protestors along the Gaza-Israel border fence during clashes that broke out following a monthslong campaign calling for nothing less than freedom from occupation; many were also young activists who had joined their parents or other relatives when they took part themselves two weeks ago – youngest being 11 years old!

The latest round of violence began on 11 November when seven Palestinians militants were killed during a botched raid by the Israel Defense Forces in southeastern Gaza Strip. One Israeli officer died and another was injured during the operation that saw over dozen rockets fired from there at Israel including three shot down. After intense exchanges following their firing into Israel’s territory, both sides agreed upon ceasefire later known as “Oslo framework” which has been largely observed thus far.

On 25 March, seven people were injured in Israel after a rocket attack destroyed their home. The Israeli Defense Forces confirmed that Hamas was responsible for the crime and sent jets to strike multiple targets including an office of senior Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh as well as his military intelligence headquarters located near Gaza City.”

On 3 May, two Israeli soldiers were injured by a Palestinian Islamic Jihad sniper from in the Gaza Strip during weekly protests at the border. In response, Israel carried out an airstrike and killed four Palestinians who were also firing rocket towards Israel. Additionally, 60 others were wounded with 36 being shot by their own side gunfire

Following this Gazans launched hundreds or rockets onto houses near fields where IDF troops are positioned right now.

On 15 April, the Israeli military conducted strikes against targets in Gaza after a rocket was launched at southern Israel. The attack included an armaments production facility and tunnels for smuggling weapons as well as one of Hamas’s military posts outside Rafah town which is under Egyptian control but still densely populated with civilians living nearby who are often targeted by Palestinian resistance groups operating from there.”

In response to Hamas’ deadline, Israel launched air strikes on May 10th. The day passed with no rockets being fired from Al Aqsa mosque and moments after midnight an Israeli tank unit confronted Palestinian fighters in the streets outside West Bank city walls near Jenin where two soldiers were killed by sniper fire before they could reach their vehicle for protection; this is believed be suicide bombing tactic used during war timeslots because when people least expect it – usually while going about daily business like buying groceries or picking children up at school (which makes them more vulnerable) then BAM! There goes your life).

The next morning another 15 drone missions took place throughout Gaza Strip territory.