Are you here because you were looking for TryAlienTape reviews / Try Alien reviews to find out if it is a scam or is it genuine and what is the website and what is the Alien Tape product actually? If yes then you have landed in the right place as through this TryAlienTape review / Alien Tape review, you will find out that it is a TryAlienTape / Alien Tape scam or trustworthy. So, let’s get started with our / Alien Tape Review.

Based on our research, we do not recommend the online store due to the reasons explained below. However, about AlienTape, you can try it by buying from a reliable online store like Amazon at a cheap price. But we don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on the tape to hold heavy material up to 17.5 pounds as shown in the AlienTape ads. We don’t think the Alien Tape product is as strange as it claims to be and may hold 17.5 pounds of material for a longer time, as a similar tape with similar details and similar Nano-Grip technology is listed on Amazon to sell, but claimed to hold up to 2.2 pounds of material only. So we don’t know how the same tape with the same material that TryAlienTape sells can hold up to 17.5 pounds. It looks like false advertising. But, if you think Alien Tape can really hold such heavy material for longer, please let us know using the comment section below. Now, let’s find out the reality of the TryAlienTape website that sells the Alien Tape product.

We do not recommend the TryAlienTape website due to the following reasons: –

• The website claims to sell 9ft AlienTape for $ 19.95 and offers 2 free games with it. However, a similar tape with a similar amount can be purchased from Amazon at the price of around $ 5. So TryAlienTape does not offer anything for free but instead forces you to buy 3 products together and that is also expensively priced by tricking you into that you think they are giving you something for free that is completely false advertising. So why should we buy the same product at a higher price on the TryAlienTape website instead of buying it from trustworthy online stores like Amazon?

• According to the statement provided on the “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” pages of the TryAlienTape website, they have mentioned the name of their parent company as “E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson)”. When we googled the name of this parent company, we discovered that is a website operated by this company and the company address for Emsoninc is “230 5TH AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10001”. However, when you check the “Return Policy” page of the website, you will find that it has listed your address as “400 RETURNS RD, Wallingford CT, 06494”, which does not match the business address “E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson) “. In addition to that, we did not find any connection between TryAlienTape and E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson) as E. Mishan & Sons, Inc. (Emson) has nowhere mentioned their link to TryAlienTape. Therefore, it is hard to believe the contact information that has been provided on the TryAlienTape website.

• Emson has linked only one website as its shopping website, which is “” which has the same address as Emson and a contact phone number “866.879.3839”. But the contact phone number provided by TryAlienTape is “1-844-620-3701”, which makes the contact information provided by TryAlienTape more dubious.

• TryAlienTape has provided American Express, Mastercard, and VISA credit cards as payment options to purchase a product on its website, but has only provided SSL security and has not provided other security such as Norton, McAfee, etc. to protect the customer’s personal data. . Therefore, you may run the risk of having your personal information stolen if you shop on the TryAlienTape website.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the TryAlienTape website looks very suspicious. After all, why should we buy Nano-Grip Technology (Alien Tape) from the TryAlienTape website at an expensive price instead of buying the same product from reputable online stores like Amazon? For this reason, we do not recommend the TryAlienTape website and have included it in our list of non-recommended sites. However, if you have a different opinion or wish to provide your own TryAlienTape reviews, feel free to leave your comment below.

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Actually, many people fall for fraudulent online stores because of the very low price of the product that most of the fraudulent online stores offer on relative products. However, instead of falling for it, avoid them. If you find something too good to be true, you should know that it may not be true. So, don’t fall for scam artists just because they lure you in with an eye-catching design, attractive products, and a very low price. Instead, you should know that those are the signs of bad online stores.