Indian airtel limited also 

known as airtel, it is an Indian global telecommunication company. It is operated throughout the world in 18 countries. Airtel is providing GSM, 2G,3G,4G, and mobile services and now airtel founder Sunil Bharti Mittal is rupees 7636 

crores deal with Nokia to enhance 5G services in India. Airtel had also rolled out its volte technology all across India telecom circle. It is the third-largest mobile network operator in india and second largest operator in the worldwide with more than 411.42 subscribers, and it is the second largest most valuable brand.   


It is been observed that it will take great impact on worldwide technology and if we are talking about only 5G technology airtel is not the only one who is planning 5G jio and Vodafone is also planning to launch 5G technology but just want to see that who will win the consumers heart because everything is consumer or customer who will decide where to go for airtel , Vodafone or jio what’s your opinion in we want to know that everything will go fine or not. Nokia will deploy 300,000 new radio units across India 2022 and it is also observed that 5G technology will cause effect include increased cancer risk, cellular stress etc. It will more impact on well-being in human and it is also impact in animals and birds.


If we are talking about competition jio is already down the market of the telecommunication company. Price is already in down but the airtel and Vodafone is the only competitor in this industry and jio is also planning to launch 5G technology but Vodafone is not officially revealed about the 5G technology to launch and his investment in 5G technology but in case of jio and airtel has revealed the pumping of money in 5G technology.


Mukesh ambani has started jio for telecommunication is already dropdown the prices of 

communication services, so the other like Vodafone and airtel is only competitor, has also dropped his prices but before the arrival of jio company, there is lots of telecommunication companies like aircel,tatadocomo etc but ofter the drop in prices of teleservices these companies become bankrupt.


It is been observed that 5G technology is cheaper than the 4G technology but the exactly prices of 5G is not determining mukesh ambani and even airtel not revealed the prices but they are annunciated the investment in 5G technology. There is certain fake news available in the internet that shows the prices of jio maybe they are not true because mukesh officially not annunciate the price of 5G technology but they said 5G technology is maybe cheaper than 4G technology and also speed is also not accurately but some sources says 1GBS but this data do not officially do not rely on this.

The Airtel & Nokia are deployed There trials of Industry 4.0 Applications

The merger of  the telecom giants are deployed in Industry 4.0 applications at Nokia Company  state of art telecommunication equipment factory on January 10, 2020  in Chennai. These deployment to created a secure LTE Technology along with low-latency to maximize efficiency & productivity.

These announcement in the merger CEO of Airtel Company Business stated that they are happy to expand to their strategic partnership with Nokia Company to build cutting edge Industry 4.0 solutions for there enterprises. Airtel Company works with the ambition to be a key enabler for digital transformation for there businesses and serve the massive demand of technology.The Bharti Airtel are shown their disinterest in there latest Spectrum pricing recommended by the Trai. The Airtel Company are mentioned that they will not participate in there Spectrum auction if the base price is fixed at Rs 492 crore per megahertz. Bharti Goel, who is the MD and CEO for India and South Asia Region, stated that the 5G Spectarum prices recommended by the Trai are its too high and Airtel Company will not pick it up at the recommended prices.