There are several durable and powerful air purifiers for 1000 sq. ft rooms. Airdog X8 is the best of them, check this review down below.

Airdox X8 for 1000 sq. ft. rooms Review


  • Removes 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria in your indoor air! 40,000 volts effectively and safely clean your indoor air.
  • Affordable maintenance thanks to innovative Airdog technology! No more need to replace expensive HEPA filters.
  • Filters the smallest particles and aerosols! Removes ultra-fine particles down to 14.6 nm (even corona viruses).
  • Easy to use and virtually silent operation!
  • You protect the environment with reusable filters! Easy and safe cleaning, even in the dishwasher.

What makes the Airdog special

The Airdog filters and cleans the room air at the same time, reliably eliminating viruses, bacteria, particles and aerosols through an electro-ionic field of up to 40,000 volts. The industrial design and sophisticated construction guarantee a long and reliable service life with maximum safety and allows to clean air in 1000 sq. ft.

No need for HEPA filters!

In addition to user-friendly operation via the free app, the Airdog offers easy-to-clean and reusable filters. By not using non-biodegradable HEPA filters, the Airdog is not only very inexpensive to maintain, but also particularly environmentally friendly. The measurement and display of the air quality index AQI, allows automatic and variable adjustment of the air flow, depending on the air quality in the environment. The extremely quiet operation, additionally promotes acceptance by users. The safety and performance of Airdog air purification systems have been confirmed by renowned and international laboratories.

Conventional Hepa filters can filter particles down to 300 nanometers and are therefore ineffective against many microorganisms such as viruses (e.g. the Corona virus) with a size of 100 nanometers, unless they are bound to other particles.

Many filters, including HEPA filters provide an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, even on the clean air side away from the filter. These bacteria and spores can be expelled back into the room by the airflow.

Independent laboratory tests have shown that the Airdog filter technology with its cold plasma field is capable of destroying 99.9% of the influenza virus (H3N2) in just one hour.

This virus is very similar to other viruses in both size and sensitivity. The electrical discharges of 20,000 to 40,000 volts destroy viruses and bacteria, and these, together with other particles down to 14.6 nm, are collected on the collector plates, where they can be safely washed away.

With a CADR rating of 470 CFM, it allows multiple air changes per hour, significantly reducing the risk of infection with various viruses. At the same time as the usual pollutants, disturbing odors and volatile organic compounds are effectively removed from the room air. The consistent recirculation operation is energy-saving and enables a constant room climate, especially in the colder seasons.

Other Air Purifiers for 1000 sq. ft. rooms

Blueair XL Pro and Airpura F600 are next to the Airdog in terms of performance. They can effortlessly clean air from smells and tiny particles with their large and certified medical-grade HEPA and activated carbon filters. You won’t find better air purifiers at this price tag that can perform air cleaning procedure so effective in such large area.

So don’t waste your time looking at cheap Chinese-made air purifiers! Invest only in high-quality air cleaners and your offices, large rooms will always have a supply of the fresh and clean air!