Do you need an Airbnb business card to market your vacation rental on Airbnb or other OTAs (online travel agencies) in the twenty-first century? Your property is virtually completely advertised online, and your clients discover you online. Thus it is reasonable to pose this question.

We feel that in most sectors, a well-designed business card is one of the most effective methods to get your brand and company name out there. The vacation rental industry is no different.

What has changed, however, is that you no longer need to spend a lot on the design of custom business cards for vacation rentals.

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can build your own elegant and professional business cards thanks to the abundance of free and inexpensive resources available.

We’ll get to it in a moment, but first, we’ll provide some terrific Airbnb business card ideas and downloadable, easily-customizable designs.

There are options available if you are concerned about the environmental effect of producing business cards. Some individuals carry just a few business cards and allow prospective clients to photograph them rather than giving them actual copies.

What do business cards entail?

A business card is a technique to make prospective clients and business partners aware of your brand and recall your company if they have dealt with you.

A business card also includes your contact information so that prospective clients may reach you. You may distribute these at events or display them at your holiday retreat for visitors to take home and share with friends.

Why is an Airbnb business card necessary?

Airbnb host business cards convey to potential guests that you are professional and know what you’re doing, whether you’re handing them out on the networking circuit, at industry events, or while doing your regular business. They act as tangible reminders of your brand and company when individuals are inundated with virtual information that is sometimes simpler to ignore. They also give confidence to potential guests to contact you – and don’t fear extra customer service, you can use any vacation rental software as a communication platform very easily.

Not all of your visitors will arrive through the internet. Some may learn about you during travel fairs, tourist conferences, casual encounters, or other physical contacts. Your business card may be the one thing that sets you apart from your competition.

What should your Airbnb business card include?

One of the most prevalent concerns with business cards is that they may be badly designed and may not always include enough essential information.

As stated before, it is no longer necessary to employ an expensive design studio to make business cards for holiday rentals.

But even if you want to design them yourself, there are a few simple rules to follow to guarantee that your business cards don’t wind up in the trash. These are some of the most important components of an Airbnb business card.

Logo and tagline

Your Airbnb business card should feature your company’s name, logo, and tagline and should ideally match the branding of your vacation rental website. Consequently, your brand identification will be more remembered by prospective visitors.

Additionally, the brand unifies all marketing components of your organization. A business card is sometimes the first contact a visitor will have with your company. Therefore, it is important to create a good impression.

Name and occupation

Individuals like to conduct business with other people. Include your name and the job title associated with your vacation rental company on your business card. This is not the place to disclose your additional titles, day jobs, or interests since doing so would simply serve to confuse your visitors. Keep it relevant.

Adding a tiny professional image of yourself might be a good touch to “humanize” the transaction by letting customers know who they will be working with.

Contact details

Your contact information is really necessary if you want people to be able to reach you. You should make it as simple as possible for prospective customers to contact you.

The most effective contact information is your professional email address and cell phone number, preferably both. If you miss a call from a potential client, ensure that your voicemail message is professional.

If your property’s name does not already reveal its location, it may be a good idea to mention the city as a further reminder for whoever is seeing your card.

It is also advisable to provide the entire address of your Airbnb to ensure that visitors can easily locate it.

Your web page

If you do not already have your website, now is the time to consider doing so since this will not only offer you more control over your brand, but it might also increase your revenue via direct reservations.

Include the address or URL of your website on your business card. Additionally, you might establish a landing page with a URL particular to this page to collect people that access your website using your Airbnb business card.

Include a video (of you talking about your property or footage of your property), a special offer or money-off voucher, and an area guide for your rental location on such a landing page.

Keep the custom URL brief and sweet since this will draw more visitors from your business card to the website. No one wants to spend twenty minutes entering a website URL! Alternatively, you may incorporate a QR code so that customers can access your website by just pointing their camera at the square.

Your social networking sites

If you have social media channels for your property, add your handle) i.e., what comes after the @ sign in a username) or a link to your profile can assist visitors in locating you online and may increase your number of followers and interactions. Facebook and Instagram are often used by owners of vacation rentals to market their homes and connect with prospective guests.

Vacant space

In this instance, fewer is more. Avoid cramming your business card with extraneous information, and ensure sufficient white space around the text to bring the reader’s attention to the most important information. Keep things basic and uncluttered.

Design suggestions for your Airbnb business card

Consider the following suggestions when designing your own Airbnb business cards.

Keep things simple

As previously said, less is more. Avoid excessive use of colors, typefaces, and graphics.

Prioritize readability

Don’t be tempted to choose a sophisticated, beautiful font since they are often difficult to read. Also, avoid making the font excessively large or too tiny since this might make the text difficult to read.

Please use both sides of your card.

Why squander all that extra space when you can utilize it to include and separate the most vital information?

Do not overuse color

Choose colors that are consistent with your brand and are not too distracting to the eye if you choose to use vibrant hues.

Double-check your content

A typo can quickly diminish your trustworthiness. Check, check, and recheck. Even better, have a few people check your card to guarantee there are no errors.

How do you create a business card for Airbnb?

As promised, here are some free online DIY tools that you can use to design your fantastic business cards. They also offer some inspiring Airbnb business card samples and ideas.

In addition, you may utilize the majority of these platforms to instantly print or purchase your Airbnb business cards. You will find some recommendations in the explanation of the tools that follow.


Canva offers over 50,000 design templates for all sorts of projects. You may explore their templates by profession and modify them to your liking, or you can create your own. Additionally, in certain locations, you can now purchase prints straight from Canva. Visit their help sites for more assistance.

Instant print

In a way similar to Moo, instant print enables customers to create their business cards or choose from a variety of bright, double-sided designs. Instantprint has even surpassed the Guinness World Record for the largest business card. Although we do not recommend using this size template for your vacation rental…


With over 750,000 clients, PsPrint provides low pricing and hundreds of predetermined designs for their business card bundles. Customers may also choose to have their business cards printed in a unique form.