The airbags Class Actions were filed in the Supreme Court of New South Wales against a variety of car makers. Do you want to learn more about Airbags Class Actions? Are you one of the individuals from Australia that received an email regarding the settlement?

Are you interested in knowing whether this email is fake? Let us look over all the details about the Scam.


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What is a Class Action Airbag?

Between 2001 to between 2001 and Takata produced airbags that had defective alpha inflators. Airbags were fitted in automobiles manufactured by various companies. If an accident occurs the airbag will not expand. This could result in the death (or) serious injury. Learn more what you need to know about the Airbagclassaction Scam. The vehicles were listed on the 18th of December, 2020, under the recall list.

What is an action of a class?

A class action is an action filed by a person who is in the legal system for himself (or) in behalf of an organization with similar claims.

What are members of the Group?

The term “group member” refers to an individual who bought an Toyota or Lexus vehicle between 01/Nov/2000 and 27 February 2018, which was equipped with Takata airbags for the driver or for the passenger. This vehicle is listed on the list of recalls.

What’s Airbagclassaction Com Scam?

It’s a website that allows you to registration as a member of a group. The site does not offer or offer any additional service. The main goal of the site is to entice the user into registering their personal details in order to claim the payment that is 52 Million. The website claims it is affiliated with Epiq which is a legal service provider. However, the domain registration details do not provide information about Epiq copiesrights (or) being the client.


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  • Email Address – [email protected]
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  • Terms of Service –Redirects the user to The Terms of Use are copied from a variety of websites.


There aren’t any reviews on a trusted website. Reddit users were aware that, if the court accepts the settlement, the owner of each vehicle will receive a sum of around $20. Please be aware that TAKATACLASSACTION.COM.AU is an authentic website taking group registration.

Final Verdict:

There are only three options to claim. You can fill an online form at; Hence, the claim Airbagclassaction Com Scamis true. You can print a copy of the claim form, fill it and e-mail it to [email protected] (or) You can send it by post to Netstrategies Pty. Ltd. as Clarety Solutions, G.P.O. Box 2566, Sydney, NSW-2001.