Are you planning to order a face mask from the official Air Queen website? Yes, we cordially invite you to this review session. First, check the authenticity of the portal by reading reviews of the Air Queen Nano mask.

Air Queen says it supplies high-quality women’s care products in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Canada. Their components are free from hazardous materials and provide reliable protection. But if you are confused, is it worth investing money or not?

Please read through each section of this review, from introduction to completion. Let’s start with the company’s history.

A few words about the Air Queen website

Air Queen supplies personal and body care products such as a nanofiber face mask, sanitary napkins, natural wash and menstrual panties. Thanks to this review, we will know more about the website and the nano mask.

What about the Air Queen Nano mask?

The Air Queen Nano Mask review claims that her face shield features a unique electro-spinning that releases micropores for high-quality protection, easy breathability, and a comfortable, breathable process.

He brings five different forms of the face mask that includes:

• Set of family face masks with Airbon Nanofiber filter

• Soom lab Nanofiber filtering mask

• Queen air nanofiber mask

• Adult face mask with Airbon Nanofiber filter

• Airbon Nanofiber face mask for children

All of their masks have a dimensional design, they are lightweight, adjustable, perfect to offer protection against harmful environmental toxins.

What are the main specifications of the Air Queen website?

• Official website:

• Products: Health and body care

• Site domain age: 1 year and nine months. Domain date: (May 22, 2019)

• The company shipped orders from Canada.

• Contact the company by filling out the “contact form” for the replacement or cancellation process.

• Return policy: Return the default items within 30 days for a refund.

• Refunds will be a credit based on the buyer’s original payment method.

• Air Queen Nano Mask reviews found. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

• Contact mode: Contact form

• Payment process: credit card or all online payment methods.

• The site’s trust index is 45%.

What are the benefits of buying products from the Air Queen website?

• 56% discount on all products.

• Free shipping on all face mask orders.

• Offers free face mask kits with liners, hand cleanser and more.

What are the disadvantages of Air Queen for buyers?

• Masks and panties cannot be returned or exchanged.

• Items are expensive.

Is Air Queen legal?

Check out the Air Queen Nano Mask review results below to check the credibility of the website:

• Hides the most important data of the CEO or founder of the company.

• Proper details on returns, shipping and refunds are not provided on the site.

• Searching on the Internet does not reveal any buyer reviews.

• The site has no position in the Google search engine.

• Only a contact form is provided to handle customer complaints.

• There are no ratings or reviews on the Facebook page.

• Products are available on legal e-commerce portals.

Therefore, all of the above points indicate that the site has a domain age of 5/22/2019 which means the site has been up for more than a year so we cannot say that this is a scam. So it’s legal, but the lack of customer feedback makes it impossible to conclude its legality. Therefore, we suggest that you do some research and then make a purchasing decision.

What Air Queen Nano mask reviews are there?

Air Queen’s Nano Mask is sold through a reputable e-commerce site. This is a good point but there aren’t any reviews or ratings on the internet except for one user opinion.

Its official website has some buyer reviews such as masks perfect for sensitive skin, breathable, eyewear friendly, stylish and perfect for everyday use, but they are all positive. All positive reviews from the official website on the same also point to a suspicious point.

Therefore, before ordering, please do your best to search through the original Air Queen Nano mask reviews for the mask.


To close the post, we want you to double-check the features and specifications of the mask on its official website and the filter features. If they are tailored to your requirements and needs, only then proceed with the order.

If you want to try Air Queen masks or other products, we would like to say that although the products are available on legal portals and the site has been around for more than a year, this shows its validity, but the lack of customer feedback prompts us to conclude that before making any decision a detailed study must be carried out about the purchase.

Have you tried Air Queen Nano Mask before? Share your experience with us in the comments section of Air Queen Nano Mask reviews.