The pandemic has brought in major resets in life in general and people have become increasingly conscious of the air they breathe in especially indoor air. Air pollution is a major concern since people also realize how vulnerable our lungs are. Expert Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers have been providing many methods and tools that clean indoor air.

Duct Cleaning Toorak service professionals offer expert execution for heating and cooling system at affordable prices that vary according to the system size that needs cleaning, system accessibility, extent of dirt contamination, climatic region.

What exactly is Duct Cleaning?

Before you opt for duct cleaning of your cooling or heating system, it’s better to make sure the service company consents to cleaning all the components and are adept at doing so. Duct cleaning basically means cleaning out cooling and heating components of forced air systems that includes supply and return air ducts and registers, heat exchangers cooling and heating coils, diffusers and grilles, drip pans, fan housing and fan motor and the air handling unit housing.

Since there are so many components that go into the system their right installation, maintenance and operation if not done properly makes them vulnerable to contamination with dust, debris, pollen, etc. Humidity inside also causes molds growth which in turn might release spores into living area air causing allergic reactions and other problems in house owners.

If a service provider fails to clean a contaminated component of the system, it may cause re contamination of whole system, erasing all benefits. : Duct Cleaning Melbourne service expert uses specialized equipments to remove dust and debris in ducts. They are then sucked out with a high powered vacuum cleaner.

Duct Cleaning Toorak service professionals may suggest application of chemical biocides that destroy microbial growth inside the components and duct work. Experts also propose application of sealants or chemical treatment that covers or coats inside surfaces of air ducts and equipment housings as a preventive measure to control mold growth and release of fibers from ducts. These however need better understanding before applied as it’s not fully in practice.

When should you Decide on Going for Duct Cleaning?

Knowing whether or not to clean the ducts in your system is tricky as every home is different and one has to know why the ducts need to be cleaned. If members of your households suffer from any breathing issues or allergies and if your ducts show no signs of dust deposits or mold growth, then duct cleaning is unnecessary. But if family members are falling ill or showing symptoms, it might be because of affected air quality inside your home and giving a thought to professional cleaning of ducts becomes important. Many question the need to have ducts cleaned regularly; no research says that periodic cleaning of ducts causes any harm provided done the right way!

But if the service provider fails to execute the right procedures, duct cleaning can cause indoor air issues. In fact it can end up damaging your ducts or heating or cooling system, giving rise to the possibility of raising heating and air conditioning costs or incur costly repairs or replacements!

So go in for professional duct cleaning when-

  • You spot a visible mold development inside hard surface ducts and other components system
  • There can be certain sections of the heating or cooling that are inaccessible for a visible inspection, so you should request your service expert to show you a mold that they say is present
  • Sometimes what appears as a mold may be something else which again only a trained specialist can do and this also might require a laboratory test to confirm.
  • When the insulation of your insulated air ducts gets wet or moldy and cannot be cleaned and needs removal and replacement
  • Also conditions aiding mold development should be corrected to prevent mold from thriving
  • If air ducts have rat infestation or insects
  • If excessive debris and dirt clog the ducts, they would release this via supply registers and make your indoor air very unhealthy

What to Expect from Professional Duct Cleaners?

Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers do an inspection after receiving a request and then suggest treatment on basis of extent of contamination. If you wish to hire the services of specialist cleaners, you should look out for a few things-

Ensure that they are experienced in duct cleaning and are familiar with systems like yours

Ask for relevant certification and license

Check for customer feedback and rating

Avoid allowing chemical biocides or chemical treatments unless you verify how safe and effective they really are

Ensure that they use methods or procedures that protect you, your children and pets from effects of contamination

Ensure that they would protect your home furnishings and carpets during cleaning

Ensure they use well controlled brushing of duct surface and vacuuming to remove dust and other debris

Ensure they use only soft bristled brushes for ducts internally lined with fiberglass

Ensure that they take measures to protect your duct work that might include sealing and re insulating access holes the service personnel might have made or used, so as to be airtight

Benefits of Duct Cleaning- Quick Glance

Better Indoor Air: Internal air of our homes is saturated with pollens, dander, pollutants, dust, etc that affect our health. Ducts act as lungs of our heating and cooling system. By keeping them clean, we promote better air quality.

Minimize allergens: Allergens in air causing reactions in people can be controlled by regular cleaning of ducts from Duct cleaning Toorak service providers. 

Remove offensive smells: Dirt ducts attract odor causing molecules that release a bad smell into the air. Cleaning ducts stops this.

Mold and Mildew: These thrive in moist condition. A clean duct does not allow the growth of mold or mildew safeguarding your health.

Need for fewer repairs: Routine cleaning of ducts minimizes the requirement for repairs.

Saving energy: A clean duct puts less stress on your cooling and heating system and this automatically consumes less energy bringing down bill costs.