Over the past few years, leading organizations have been adopting Microsoft Cloud to accelerate digital  transformation. This has resulted in reducing operating costs and carbon footprints, and increasing customer and employee experiences.

Automation and AI are the important aspects in the digital transformation.

Drive efficiency with AI and Automation capabilities of Microsoft Cloud

Leading industrial equipment manufacturer Komatsu Australia is automating the invoicing process with Microsoft Power Automate and AI Builder, saving 300 hours a year. This is for one manufacturer. There are many other organizations worldwide that has witnessed efficiency gain through the power of AI and Automation with Microsoft Cloud.

The advantage with Microsoft Cloud is that technical and non-technical users can use the AI and automation capabilities to be more efficient. Some of the examples are Azure machine learning and conversation intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Conversation Intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales provide insights by analyzing content, sentiment and customer behavior. Azure machine learning can be used to create AI models and predict outcomes from business data.

Automation and AI for everyone

Microsoft provides access to AI and automation capabilities to everyone. So these are available throughout Microsoft Cloud, from Azure AI to Power Platform and Viva Sales. Users can use their skills and resources and combine the platforms as needed while building a secure foundation within Microsoft Cloud.

Improve sales teams productivity and engagement with Viva Sales and Dynamics 365

Microsoft allows users to use its AI and automation capabilities to create great customer experiences and boost sales team productivity.

Microsoft Viva Sales is an app for improving seller experience. Viva Sales automatically captures data from Microsoft Teams and Office 365 into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This reduces manual entry and help your teams to focus on other key activities that matter to business.

Conversation intelligence enables sales teams to derive insights from customer interaction data. Sales teams can understand where their customers stand in the buying journey. With the insights from the interaction, sellers can efficiently guide buyers into a purchasing decision and helps close sales deals faster. Conversation intelligence is now available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Viva Sales.

Microsoft Syntex to automate processes and empower people

Organizations spend a huge amount for managing content that are in the form of videos, audios, files, documents and more. It requires limitless hours of manual processing.

Microsoft Syntex is the Content AI that use latest AI and machine learning to process content and turn it into knowledge. Content AI automatically reads, understand, tag and index huge volumes of content and connects it with search, eSignature and integration, business workflows and invoice management. It protects content with AI powered security and latest content management.

Enhance operational efficiency with Microsoft Power Platform

Low-code platforms are streamlining business processes. This enable organizations to do more with less. And when it comes to solutions that transforms work productivity, there is nothing like Microsoft Power Platform.

Power Platform allows users to automate business processes, create custom business apps, gain insights from business and customer data, and create intelligent chatbots. Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents are the intelligent solutions in the Power Platform that make this possible.

With GitHub Copilot, Microsoft brings natural language capability to Power Automate. Users just need to explain in the natural language the automation need in a sentence, AI-based Copilot will understand and create work flow in quick time. Simply describe the flow you want to create in your language, Copilot do the magic. This feature makes automation seamless and simple for all users.

Azure AI and cognitive services

Azure Applied AI Services along with Azure Cognitive Services allows you to quickly deploy AI solutions without any knowledge in machine learning. With these AI services, users can automate document processing, improve customer service, understand the customer problems and grab insights from any content.

Organizations worldwide are using Azure AI services to remove anomalies in critical business processes, helping users to focus their energy and time on important tasks. With AI services, organizations can modernize business processes, speed up and deploy solutions quicker, and secure your business data.

Some of the Azure Applied AI services are Azure Bot Service, Azure Form Recognizer, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Metrics Advisor, Azure Video indexer and Azure Immersive Reader.

Create and deploy machine learning models to improve productivity

Azure machine learning provides a robust platform that allows developers to build custom AI models. Users can get AI models into their work more quickly. It supports responsible AI model development with transparency and explainability.

Industrial Metaverse

Industrial Metaverse is driving the next level of efficiency and sustainability. Industrial metaverse comes through the combination of trained AI models, digital twins, IOT, and simulations. Leading organizations are partnered with Microsoft to develop this technology.

One example is BOSCH: the company has developed an integrated Asset Performance Management (IAPM) solution that is powered by Microsoft Cloud. The solution allows factory machines to raise their concerns when they need any assistance or maintenance, helping the company to save time, reduce operational expenses and more.

Adopt a digital culture within your business with Microsoft Cloud providers

Digital approach allows you to thrive in the challenging landscape through Microsoft Cloud. If you want to harness the power of Microsoft AI and automation capabilities, your Microsoft Partner can help you achieve your business goals with Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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