Are you looking for an interesting product line to buy? Are you excited if there was a website offering huge discounts and deals with the latest collection?

If so, then aheadstore6 com Reviews will detail all the deals and offers to you.

The website has made every attempt to attract buyers with various discounts, sales and offers.

These offers are such that one cannot help but buy on the site. But to what extent these offers are factually present!

Is this another trap for US buyers to fool them? Is this store an authentic place to shop?

We’ll share all of those details here in our unbiased review; please stay with us for the details.

What is the website?

The website is a one stop shop for everyone as the store offers a wide variety of categories. Trendy and trendy items like menswear, womenswear, belts, coats, sweaters, hoodies, socks, bags and much more are available on the portal to do purchases.

According to the reviews of aheadstore6 com, the portal can be accessed anywhere in the world, and even though the buyers are from the United States, they can purchase of their choice.

The team did extensive research and found that the website had various shortcomings. Although there are various discounts, offers and sales, it is safe to shop on this website.

Let’s find out the specifications of the website.

Product specification

• The website offers bags, men’s and women’s clothing and accessories

• The website link is

• The website was launched on November 3, 2020

• The website was owned by Meledo Company Limited

• The physical address is 107 – 111 Fleet Street, Greater London, United Kingdom, EC4A 2AB

[email protected] is the email address for all communication for aheadstore6 com notices.

• The contact number is not available.

• Shipping costs are free for all orders over $ 99

• The website mentioned the return or exchange within 30 days.

• The payment method is only PayPal.

• Refund will be initiated once the return process takes place.

• Order tracking is available from the order tracking link –

Benefits of purchasing the product

• The website has huge collections and trendy graphic styles.

• The website shared the tracking link.

• The website allows worldwide delivery.

• Buy 1 to 8%, two to 20% and three to 40%. The offer is available on the website.

• Even the website has a hot sale so that buyers can make various choices.

Cons for aheadstore6 com Notice:

• The address on the website is misleading.

• The website does not have any social media enabled links.

• The company name mentioned is listed as Scam Company among Top Reviews.

• The website trust score is zero.

Is the website legitimate or not?

The website has huge discounts and offers, special sales and final discount coupons. Can this be a fake or a scam? Let’s check the different factors such as website cannot provide correct address, email address is very wrong, website has no trust score, and there is no customer reviews from us from a buyer.

We are not finding the website under good names.

What are customers saying according to aheadstore6 com reviews?

The website was recently created and made no attempt at promotion. The website has a zero trust score and there is no section on the website for buyers to share a review.

There aren’t even any customer reviews available on the internet which makes us uncomfortable with the website.

Final verdict

To conclude, we recall that the website is only a month and a few days old. The website features various categories of womenswear, menswear and accessories.

There are no customer reviews available from buyers on the website. Facts like the website’s low trust score, no social media connection, and the misleading address make another statement on the online store.

Reviews from aheadstore6 com say the website is not popular with buyers, regardless of the variety of offers.