AGS (Atlas Battery Limited) is a Pakistani battery manufacturing company that produces a range of automotive and motorcycle batteries, as well as industrial and home batteries. The company was established in 1969 and has since become one of the leading battery manufacturers in Pakistan.

AGS offers a variety of automotive batteries, including maintenance-free and low-maintenance options, designed to meet the needs of different vehicles and driving conditions. Their motorcycle batteries are also popular and come in various sizes to fit different makes and models.

In addition to automotive and motorcycle batteries, AGS also produces industrial batteries for applications such as backup power, renewable energy, and telecommunications. They also offer home battery solutions, including solar batteries and inverters, designed to provide backup power during power outages. You can also check the AGS Battery Prices in Pakistan.

AGS is known for its focus on quality and innovation. The company has invested in advanced technology and testing facilities to ensure that its batteries meet international standards and perform well in various conditions. AGS battery are available across Pakistan through a network of dealers and service centers.

Types of Batteries

There are several types of batteries available, each with their own unique characteristics and advantages. Here are some of the most common battery types:

Lead-acid batteries: These are the most common type of battery and are used in cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They are relatively inexpensive and have a high power density, making them ideal for high-current applications.

Lithium-ion batteries: These are commonly used in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems. They have a high energy density, low self-discharge rate, and can be recharged quickly.

Nickel-cadmium batteries: These are commonly used in cordless power tools and emergency backup systems. They have a long life cycle and can be recharged quickly, but they are relatively heavy and have a low energy density.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries: These are commonly used in portable electronics and hybrid vehicles. They have a high energy density and are relatively lightweight, but they have a shorter life cycle than lithium-ion batteries.

Alkaline batteries: These are commonly used in low-power devices such as remote controls and flashlights. They are inexpensive and widely available, but they have a lower energy density than other battery types and cannot be recharged.

Zinc-carbon batteries: These are similar to alkaline batteries but have a shorter life cycle and lower energy density.

Silver oxide batteries: These are commonly used in watches and calculators. They have a high energy density and a long life cycle, but they are relatively expensive.

These are just a few of the most common battery types available. The choice of battery depends on the specific application, as each type has its own advantages and limitations.