Afterpay, a payment processing specialist that empowers shoppers to pay for items over time, has struck an agreement with Fashion Nova to help shoppers buy the items they covet.  The partnership of the two companies sets the stage for flexible spending just in time for the public’s holiday shopping spending spree.

Fashion Nova’s deal with Afterpay sets the stage for shoppers to heed the payment processor’s mantra of “buying now and paying later.”  The partnership enhances shopper flexibility, empowering buyers to cover the cost of selected items through Afterpay’s convenient installment payments.  These payments are interest-free and debt-free, meaning the total cost of the purchased goods does not gradually increase as time expands.  Customers using Afterpay to purchase Fashion Nova items simply pay in four scheduled payments to complete the transaction. 

Why Fashion Nova’s Deal With Afterpay is Such a Big Deal

The alliance between Fashion Nova and Afterpay is significant as it comes on the heels of a banner year for Afterpay.  The company expanded its customer base by nearly 20 million customers in North America alone in 2020. Fashion Nova’s many repeat customers can now continue shopping at their favorite store, but with more convenience.  

Fashion Nova has an Eye on the Future

Fashion Nova’s decision to ally with Afterpay also makes sense in the context of posterity.  Fashion Nova’s brass is well aware of the fact that the vast majority of those using Afterpay are youngsters in the Millennial and Generation Z age cohorts.  These individuals are fashion-conscious, meaning they are that much more likely to buy the clothes and other chic items sold at Fashion Nova. 

Just as important is the fact that these young adults are coveted as they represent the customers of the future.  The Millennial age cohort is the largest of them all, slightly surpassing the baby boomer age cohort in terms of aggregate size.  Securing the business of these young adults through the use of Afterpay installment payments will be an integral component of Fashion Nova’s success during the upcoming holiday shopping season and also in the years and decades ahead.

The Alliance Comes Just in Time for the Christmas Rush

The deal between these two consumer-oriented powerhouses was timed to perfection.  Consumers are ramping up spending as the holiday season approaches.  This is the time of the year when people open up their pocketbooks and spend guilt-free.  The deal will prove mutually beneficial to the companies as well as customers in search of convenient, seamless and affordable payment methods that do not require plunking down the entire cost of desired items at the time of purchase. 

About Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova, a lifestyle brand, is making waves in the apparel industry, providing customers with chic clothing and accessories at affordable prices.  The company’s stylish selections are worn by millions of adults, teens and tweens across the globe.  In 2018, Fashion Nova was the most-searched apparel brand on Google, the world’s top online search provider.  Based in Los Angeles, Fashion Nova has five brick-and-mortar retail sites in California.  These stores are located in the southern part of the state.  Fashion Nova selections include apparel for people of all ages, regardless of their unique stylistic preferences.  Women, kids, tween, teens, curve and men shop at Fashion Nova stores both in-person and on the web.  The emerging lifestyle brand has more than 25 million followers on social media including several notable celebrities.