Afghanistan Earthquake Wiki provides all the information you need about this devastating calamity which occurred late at night on 21 June.

Did you hear about the terrible earthquake news that struck at 1:30 AM on June 22nd? This morning was the most shaking and shocking day in Afghanistan’s history. The collapse of their home caused the deaths of many people and the loss of loved ones.

The government of the United Kingdom and United States is providing assistance. India is also being assisted. Let us look at in-depth news through our post-AfghanistanEarthquake Wiki.

What’s the latest?

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reports that the earthquakes took place approximately 46 km (28.5 miles), near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border at the moment magnitude of 6.2 on 22 June. Local time was around 1:24 AM when everyone was asleep in their homes. The earthquake was so powerful that it caused shocks in parts of Pakistan, India, and Iran.

According to the latest news, nearly 1000 people died in the tsunami, while 1500 were severely injured. It is possible that the death toll will rise further. Afghanistan Earthquake – is the most deadly in the last 20 years.

The history of earthquakes in Afghanistan:

As a result of the collision between the Indian tectonic plates and the Eurasian plates, the mountainous areas of Afghanistan have been vulnerable to earthquakes for a long time. The earthquakes have claimed the lives of more than 7000 people and an average 550 per year for the past ten years.

January saw the latest wave, which resulted in 20 deaths and over 100 houses falling. In 2015’s earthquake in Afghanistan, more than 200 people were killed in the country’s northeast and northern Pakistan. The seismic event claimed 1000 lives in 1998 and 4500 in 2002, respectively.

What are the effects of an earthquake?

When most people were deep asleep, the earthquake struck far-reaching areas. At least 20 villages were damaged. Many properties, schools and mosques were destroyed by the powerful tsunami.

More than 4100 people died in Pakita province. As long as the government confirms these numbers, the exact figures will not be known. More than 500 homes in Khost province were destroyed and hundreds of people were injured.

Government Response to Afghanistan Earthquake News

The government quickly acted and began rescue operations. Helicopters are sent by the Defense to rescue people, remove debris from their homes, conduct casualties’ recovery operations to prevent further losses, provide food and emergency medical care, and transport injured persons to safety.

One billion Afghanis’ currencies were allocated by the government to the people affected. To save survivors, ambulance and transport services have been increased in the area. The situation was quickly handled by emergency relief teams and medical professionals. The government is also looking for humanitarian assistance from international organisations and neighboring countries to help with the Afghanistan Earthquake Juni 2022.

How difficult is it for Afghanistan to deal with this situation?

Afghanistan was already suffering from hunger, drought, as well as an economic crisis. They lack the economy necessary to meet their basic needs. 93% of households cannot meet their food needs. People are in crisis because foreign currency has dried up.

The Taliban have also been suffering from an acute shortage of medical supplies and a failing healthcare system since they seized power. Many countries have stopped aiding Afghanistan and debarred Afghanistan. Nature’s destruction can only worsen these conditions. However, the government has done all it can to survive after the Afghanistan Earthquake2022 and hopes that international agencies will assist them.

What are the responses of foreign communities to

Foreign bodies respond positively; they are willing to help as much as they can. UN distributed water, sanitary products, and non-food necessities. The Iranian Red Cross Society is available to assist in medical rescue operations. The Turkish Red Crescent offers food supplies and assistance. Pakistan sends food packages, blankets, and relief items to the border. In addition, the United States, India and China are prepared to help Afghanistan in this difficult situation.


Afghanistan Earthquake Usgsrevealed that the magnitude of 6.1 struck 44 km from Khost at an elevation of 51 km on 22 Juni 2022. More than 1000 people had died in the earthquake. Operation rescue is underway. You can read the

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