In the private health system, speed and attention make the difference; but private health offers much more to cover the public system in tests and interventions. See in this post what additional advantages one can get from private healthcare as a complement to public health.

Private and public health, a necessary combination

They are often presented as two opposing, antagonistic worlds like yin and yang. The public vs. private health debate arises when both appear to be inefficient together and unable to complement each other.

However both of them can be a vital combination for folks to have the best protection and health care, especially considering that the private health system in many countries is efficient and of quality.

Let’s learn more about what each system consists of and how the private system complements and improves the coverage and health care offered by the public system.

What is public health?

Universal public health is one that is provided to all citizens of the country without exception, since it obtains its financing through the taxes they pay.

The money collected is used by national and regional governments to manage public health, pay the salaries of health personnel and provide the necessary material means to care for the population’s health.

What is private healthcare?

The private health system is supported by financing agreed by customers to insurance companies, who are responsible for providing healthcare services to their policyholders.

Advantages of private healthcare

There are numerous arguments in favor of private healthcare. Are these:

Waiting lists

When making an appointment or requesting care from medical services, the response is notably faster in private centers, saving a great deal of time and avoiding, in some cases, that a health problem worsens.

This is even more important in these times, since many of the efforts have been devoted to dealing with covid-19 and in many medical specialties the waiting lists are even longer, their movement slower and health care suffers. However, thanks to private labs like patient portal.aegislabs you can book a test online and have the results without a long wait.


Many specialties that are not part of the public system are often integrated into the private insurance coverage, in addition to others as important (and expensive) as dental health and services related to aesthetics or well-being.

So the bouquet available to each person is much broader than that guaranteed by the already extensive public attention.


The private system makes numerous guarantees available to its insured, both within its basic and complementary coverage, which are rarely -or never- offered in the public health system.

For example, the possibility of having guarantees such as a second medical opinion , preventive medicine care and medical teleconsultation services, in addition to others as important as travel assistance.

Diagnostic tests

Another of the great advantages of private medical insurance is that it allows its clients to carry out a wide variety of diagnostic tests.

And they not only make a difference in terms of quantity, but also in terms of speed and ease in processing and booking each diagnostic test: for example through patientportal aegislabs com  you can get a simple clinical blood or urine test to an electrocardiogram, and many other tests in no time.

Personalized attention

As the public system is frequently collapsed, medical services are often not as complete as they could be due to lack of time.

The private one allows the client to choose from a wide range of professionals and medical centers and, in general terms, the client enjoys a more complete and leisurely care, as there is a greater margin for consultation, diagnostic test or intervention.

New medical technologies

Although it cannot be generalized, the most modern medical technology is usually available in a private health center, something that does not always happen in public health.

Due to its financial capacity and the greater simplicity of its infrastructure, it is easier for the private system to be fast and flexible, reacting to changes and renewing or extending its human and material resources more quickly.


We do not want to throw any stone at a public health system that, despite its shortcomings and weaknesses, has been shown to be generally effective, useful and of great value in many countries. Its contribution is not in doubt, as well as the necessity of its existence; but we did want with this post to highlight the great utility of private healthcare that one can get, especially if public healthcare is lacking; therefore, taking out health insurance offers many advantages and can be a fantastic complement to public care.