Solar power, solar energy, and solar systems are the terms we have been hearing very frequently for the past decade. This is the most abundant form of energy as it is provided by the sun which is a huge source of solar energy.

If we talk in terms of statistics then the fact is that the energy provided by the sun in one hour is enough to fulfill the global energy needs for one year. This number is indeed huge! This and many other facts have proved that solar energy is a very beneficial form of energy for both the environment and economically. Thus, the need to find the best solar companies in Florida has been raised tremendously among businesses and homeowners.

Sun, which is the source of solar energy, is free of cost which is the most attractive feature of this energy source. The sun is here since the birth of our planet earth and it is not going anywhere in the near future. This means we will be entitled to use this beneficial form of energy till the end. That is why more and more businesses are now investing in solar power projects. Solar power systems are in use both at commercial and residential levels. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

There is no doubt that the sun is the ultimate source of energy that is also available in abundance. When the concept of solar power was new, many people refuse to accept this new form of energy mainly due to its high cost. However, with the passage of time, advances in technology, and an increase in the number of competitors in the market, the prices of solar power systems have decreased a lot as compared to the past. That is why many people and businesses have started accepting and implementing the technology to make full use of it.

Every technology comes with positive and negative impacts. Solar power also has its benefits and drawbacks. If you are planning to install a solar panel in near future, then you must read this article to have a clear understanding and comparison of this renewable form of energy.

Advantages of Solar Power

1.     Renewable Form of Energy

A very important benefit of solar power is that it is totally a renewable source of energy. It is available all around the world, around the year, every day! The sun is an endless source of solar power and it is not going to end any soon. This means we are not going to run out of solar power like other sources of energy like coal or fuel, etc. according to a survey, the sun is going to be around us for nearly 5 billion years. This means we are entitled to use solar power for nearly 5 billion more years.

2.              Save Money on Electricity Bills

Another great advantage of solar power is that we can become energy independent by installing solar systems in our place. When you install a solar system at your place, the energy needs can be covered by the system. In this way, there will be no need to use the energy you were previously using from the grid.

In the daytime, you can easily fulfill your energy needs from the energy coming from the panels. However, for nighttime, you can attach extra batteries to store power in the daytime and use it at night.

3.     Very Less Maintenance Required

Another advantage of solar power systems is that they require very less maintenance. The only major requirements are to keep the system clean so that the panels remain clean and can collect the radiation from the sun properly. You can clean it yourself once a month and can also call a professional cleaning company once a year.

Reliable solar panel companies offer a warranty of more than 25 years. Moreover, there is very less chance of wear and tear if you select a reliable solar system manufacturing company. This means, after the initial cost, your expense on the system is almost nothing. Only a little maintenance is required which you can easily do by yourself.

4.     Solar Systems are Advancing

Advancements in technology with every passing day have also increased the efficiency and effectiveness level of solar power systems. The electrical input of solar power systems is also increasing with the advancements in technology. This is also a positive point that has resulted in the acceptance level of these systems.

Disadvantages of Solar Power

1.     High Initial Cost

One of the biggest disadvantages of solar power systems is the high initial cost. Due to the high initial cost, many people find it difficult to install the system. The initial cost is high because a solar power system includes batteries, panels, wires, and installation charges. All these components are expensive which results in an increase in the total cost. However, with advances in technology, we hope that the prices will go down in the future.

2.     Weather-Dependency

Another disadvantage of solar power systems is that they are weather dependent. We know that solar panels gather radiation from the sun which is then converted to solar energy. Therefore, in cloudy weather or colder days, the panels are unable to gather proper radiation from the sun. if you want your solar system to work in cold weather then you have to add other components to the system which will result in an increase in cost.

3.     Space Requirements

Another drawback of solar power systems is that they require a lot of space. If you have huge energy requirements then you will have to install more solar panels. Solar panels need space to install and they have to be installed at a particular angle in order to collect sunlight properly. Therefore, if you do not have enough space, then you will not be able to install solar power systems at your place.

Go Solar Today!

If you want to save money and be energy independent, then you should decide to go solar today. Solar power systems are no doubt an effective and efficient way to utilize solar energy.